Malfunctioning Nano-Constructor says: "This map is graphically well done and runs fast. It has solid architecture based on triangle-shapes which are...


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File Description says:

"This map is graphically well done and runs fast. It has solid architecture based on triangle-shapes which are textured nicely and it is accompanied by a good-looking skybox. The layout takes a while to remember and you'll find yourself falling off a lot of times, even when you're getting used to jumping around on these narrow platforms. Fortunately, you will not die when falling into the depths. Instead, you get teleported back into the map with only a small health penalty."

This map is fun to play with. It has a cool design but a bit hard to navigate. To make it easy, jump pads are located on the map which bounce you up to the next level. The "catwalks" are narrow, so you may fall off a couple of times, but the farther up you are, the more chance the walkways below you will catch you. If you do happen to fall off the map, you get transported back up towards the top. A must have for the Salinga now! ;)

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Download '' (2.53MB)

Elite Force conversion by Lt. Cmdr. Salinga

Follwing is the readme.txt of the original Q3A map:


* General Information *

Title         : Malfunctioning Nano-Constructor
BSP Name      : bal3void2.bsp
Author        : Benoit Stordeur, aka Bal
Release Date  : January 30, 2005 (this map was finished in 2002, just never released before now)
Email Address :
Home Page     :
Game          : Quake 3 arena DM

Description   : This map probably shouldn't have been released, cause it plays horribly,
		but hey, that's never stoped other people from releasing maps!
		I made this map while messing around with triangles... Not really sure what 
		I was thinking, but it ended up strangely enough that I decided to show it around.
		I've included the .map file in the zip, feel free to do anything you want with it,
		just give me some credit if you use it.

Thanks to     : Lunaran for his cool textures (
		Sorry, this map really doesnt do these textures justice... didn't even use so many.
		Sock for the skybox (
		People in #terrafusion for their help, continual entertainement and general stupidity.

Other works   : [Q1dm]   Baldm1 - Horror at Red Hook
                [Q1dm]   Baldm2 - In The Vault
                [Q1dm]   Baldm3 - Tainted Meat
		[Q1dm]   Baldm4 - Eternal Life
		[Q1dm]   Baldm5 - When the Beast Prevails
		[Q1dm]   Baldm6 - Scrap Metal
		[Q1dm]   Baldm7 - Black Feathered Wings
		[Q1dm]   Baldm8 - Dying Embers
		[Q1dm]   Reinc5 - Somwhere in the Vast
		[Q1dm]  Balost1 - Carrion Comfort
		[Q1dm]  Balost2 - Dunno Yet
		[Q1sp]   Neh2m5 - Dreams Made Flesh
		[Q1sp]   Neh2m6 - Your Last Cup of Sorrow
		[Q3A]   Bal3dm1 - Ash Rain
		[Q3A]   Bal3dm2 - Golconda
		[Q3A]   Bal3dm3 - Disinformation
		[Q3A]   Bal3dm4 - Scrap Metal ][
		[Q3A]   Bal3dm5 - Junk Data
		[Q3A] Bal3void1 - Peaceful Holidays in Egypt

* Map Information *

New Textures      : Yeah, most by Lunaran.
Construction Time : Around 1 week + 3 years before deciding to release it... ;D
Tools used        : Q3adiant, GTKradiant, Q3map2, Photoshop CS
Extra Info        : Feel free to check the .map file inside the pk3 to know more about the map.


* Copyright / Permissions *

Dont do anything mean or you'll hurt my feelings and I'll probably cry.
All textures and art in this level remain property of their respective owners.
Distribute this map however you want, as long as you're not making any money out of it.
If you paid to get this, you're a sucker.


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