Q3 convertion.

This is a kind of hunter. Nice skin, but more work could have been done.

CTF/BOT Support.



January 13, 2001
Mantis for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Created by Richard Owen

Model Name              : Mantis

Installation Directory  : BaseEF/efmdl-mantis.pk3

Elite Force Version     : Richard Owen

Email Address		: [email protected] 

URL                     : http://efmodels.bizland.com   

Author                 	: Odd

Email Address           : [email protected]

Model description       : A predatory alien on the hunt.

Other info             	: Sounds and Bot script are from Uriel; Animation is a modified Doom 			          set; Chat script is modified from Sorlag

Additional Credits to   : id Software (sounds, bot scipts and chats); Paul Steed (animations) 

Thanks to              	: The riff-raff down at the Polycount message boards for answering my 			   	  (almost) daily questions. 

Author's notes		: This model is my first game model. I've done a little 3d modelling and 			  2d work prior to this, butalmost no low-poly work. The model is 			  	  insipired by the alien in Predator (one of my faves). I think the model 			  screams out for some custom shader work, but I didn't get a chance. It 			  was my first time using the Unwrap UVW modifier in 3DSMax so I'm not 			          all that happy with the fuzziness of the body's skin. But I think I got 			  the point across. As for the animations, I wanted to do something 			  	  custom for this guy , but a decent model and maps were a higher 			  	  priority for me so I just did some Id .bip modifying. I'm learning one 			  step at a time.  Please let me know what you think.


* Play Information *

New Sounds              : Yes
CTF Skins             	: Yes
Bot Support             : Yes

* Construction *

Poly Count             	: 831
Vert Count             	: 1145
Skin Count             	: 3
Base                   	: new model
Editor used            	: 3d Studio Max, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Q3data, BotStudio
Build/Animation time    : Oh, WAY too long. (3 months, maybe)

* Copyright / Permissions *
Star Trek: Voyager is a trademark of Paramount Pictures. This product contains software technology licensed from Id Software, Inc. Id technology (c) 1999, Id Software, Inc. Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, Inc. © 1999 Activision, Inc.  

This model can be freely distributed on the net as long as this text file is included, and the pk3 file is unmodified. If you wish to include it in a compilation, Mod or commercial product, please email me first.

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