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This utility for mappers will take your compiled bsp and put it into a pk3 with the correct structure. You can then click a button to start...


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This utility for mappers will take your compiled bsp and put it into a pk3 with the correct structure. You can then click a button to start Elite Force and automatically run your map.

It does exactly what it says on the tin and does a good job of it too.

If you're a mapper and wish to save a few precious seconds of your life, give it a try ;)

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Map Tester 1.0 by InSaNe84722
Monday, May 23, 2005

This program will assist you in testing your maps.  Once run, it will automatically place your BSP map file into a maps directory, zip the folder into pk3 format, place it in your baseef folder, and give you the option to start Elite Force with the map automatically loaded.  Enjoy.

*** NOTICE: The Prefs and Xtras folders and files contained within must remain in your Elite Force root directory for this program to functions properly.  Any textures, sounds, etc... must be manually included into your PK3 file.  While testing a map, it is recommened that you put such things into a seperate PK3 file until you are ready to distribute you map so that you do not have to add it each time for testing.  THIS HAS BEEN TESTED WITH WINZIP INSTALLED.  IT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK WITH OTHER ZIPPING PROGRAMS.

Step 1: Installation

1. Extract the contents of "Map" to your Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Root Directory.
   By default, it should be close to "C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force".

2. In your Elite Force Root directory, run "Map Test Setup.exe".
   Fill in the directory to your BSP map file.
    - Example: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents

   Fill in the game directory of Elite Force.
    - Example: C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

   Fill in your map name.
    - Example: MyMap or MyMap.bsp (.bsp does not have to be included, but can be if desired)

3. Click the save button to save configurations, or exit to discard any changes made.

* Note: You may run "Setup.exe" again at anytime to change any configuration settings.

Step 2: Map Testing

Perform this step for each new map testing.  Make sure your MapName.PK3 file does not exist in your baseef folder before opening your mapping program, such as GTKRadiant.  This will allow writing and overwrites of the file for each new map testing.

1. In your Elite Force Root directory, run "Map Test.exe".  If no errors occur, your BSP map file will be placed in a maps folder, zipped into a pk3 file and moved into your baseef folder.  You will then have the option to exit the program or start Elite Force.  If you choose to start Elite Force, your map will automatically be loaded for you.  The name of the PK3 files will be the name of your BSP map file.  If the PK3 file exists in the baseef directory, it will be overwritten.

   If an error occurs (your BSP map file does not exist in specified directory), you will then have the option to exit the program or open the map directory you have specified.

* Note: All folders and files created with this program will automatically be deleted after use.  Current status will be displayed in the program window as it is performed and completed.  Average time for program to complete all tasks is less than 5 seconds, althought it may take longer on older computers.

* Tip: Create a shortcut to "Map Test.exe" and "Map Test Setup.exe" on your desktop for easy access.  You can do this by right clicking on "Map Test.exe" or "Map Test Setup.exe", while holding down right mouse button, drag to desktop.  Release right mouse button then choose create shortcuts here.

-- Please send any comments, requests or bugs to  Thanks. --

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