Matrix : Jump Program

My fourth map.

Matrix : Jump Program.

Well, to say it simple, it is the biggest ever made city map. It take around 6 sec to fall from...


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My fourth map.

Matrix : Jump Program.

Well, to say it simple, it is the biggest ever made city map. It take around 6 sec to fall from the tallest building.

2 new mapping technique have been used in this map to make it able to run at a high FPS even if it's the biggest map ever. (Push your setting to the highest. This map allow you to do that easily)

Remind Matrix? You can jump from one roof to the other. This map is CTF. No bot support. (Too huge map)

Special secret : Make a "music" folder in your BaseEF directory and drop a .mp3 named "matrix.mp3". This music will be played on the map.

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Download '' (4.81MB)

Matrix Jump Program (CTF V1.0)

The CTF/FFA/DM Matrix JP map.
In this .zip file:

-Readme : You are reading it! Thanks!

-matrixjp.pk3 : The map. Drop it in your baseEF
For comments, idea, bug repport :
mail : [email protected]

Note that I will try to answer you as fast as I can, 
and to please everyone.

Know Bugs :
Special note :

This map feature 2 new never before used mapping technique. 
Even if this map is the biggest city map, the FPS is REALLY high.
(+175 on a Radeon 5500)
So, don't be afraid to push the setting to the max!
I would have like to put more detail into it, but the Q3 engine stop me.
Game developper, PLEASE, delete the RB_GameOverFlow : vert.

Free your mind, you can jump from one roof to the other.
Made by:

Models, textures, shader and map : 
U.S.S. Speed (Jam, compuJam)

e-mail : [email protected]

Web Page :

Special Thanks : 
	-Raven Board for the idea, help, tips, etc...
	-And to anyother one I can forget.

- Mercedes SL73 : Ryuji KAINOH ([email protected]) (Not in Map)

- Sprite & Pepsi Vending #5 : Gusher (Not in map)

- Copter : CITY COBRA ([email protected])

- Hydrant : Amazing 3D Graphics, Inc.

- Ferrari : Psionic (

- Subaru Forester : Uknown ([email protected]) (Not in Map?)

- Ford Truck : Addict ([email protected])

- Porshe : Ben Trapp ([email protected]) (Not in Map)

- Taxi : Justin W. Martin ([email protected])

- Range Rover : (pool) Andrei Paraschiv ([email protected])

- Prefablab for the great model collection.


- KevinUK, for his time and fast computer who compile 4 times the map.

- Stukatto, for a shader and light help.

- The brothers who made the Matrix movie. Damn, your movie rocks. :)

How to use this Map :

Simply drop the .pk3 in your BaseEF, start Elite Force and select it
on your map menu.

You CAN'T modify this file or use it to make a new one whitout
the express permission of the author : Me! You can distribute 
it FREELY, whitout any change.

For any comments, use the e-mail above.
For bugs report, use the e-mail above.
For flame, use the e-mail above.


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