Meier's Mansion

Wade is home and has released another map. Wooho.

I personally never did watch any of the Vampire movies.

The load time is good on...


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Wade is home and has released another map. Wooho.

I personally never did watch any of the Vampire movies.

The load time is good on my PC, so if youve got an uber slow pc you might experiance some slow loading.

The map itself is quite nice to play, although sometimes the textures are too repetative. The hallways are huge, a bit big for my liking, but thats just me. The flaming sword effects are nice, as well as all other uses of the flame. I enjoyed the crosses on the walls with light coming out, looked pretty class.

There are a ton of good secrets to spend your time finding, it took me a while to find one (i have no life). The bar is quite nice, reminds me of a local club I was in once.

The map ran lag free on my PC, everyone will probably hit a lag spike when entering the bar, because it loads a file.

Overall, some of the textures were repetative, but the gameplay experiance was there. I played this with my gf, and enjoyed it.

Now on to some other stuff, it isnt a real ctf map, its kind of a deralict style ctf map, with some extra rooms just to show off (yea wade, thats what your doing, showing off). Then again, these rooms have powerups so its up to you to decide.

Both flag areas have unique areas around them, meaning each team gets some different stratagies.

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*					*
*        Meier's Mansion		*
*					*
*           by WadeV1589		*
*             [email protected]	*
*					*

Before you begin
Remember that if you haven't done so already, to
/set com_hunkmegs 128
in Elite Force to allow it load larger maps (such as this one!)

I'm a large fan on Manga (Japanese Anime Films - NOT CARTOONS!) such as 
Akira, Urotsukidoji and, of course, Vampire Hunter D and Vampire 
Hunter D: Bloodlust. Meier Link is a vampire from the VHD films and all 
he has is a very weird place to rest (it's a glass building that's just 
square from the exterior), near the end of the second film however he 
goes to visit a vampire queen who lives in a HUGE mansion/castle. Meier 
is one of my favorite characters so I decided I'd model a mansion for 
him :) Originally I was going to do it really dark similar to the queen's 
mansion then I decided to go for a more suttle approach with darker area's 
(such as the crypt with Meier's coffin).

A while ago I was making a map called SGWorld for Elite Force, I didn't 
realise it but I managed to make it a tad too big for EF... to the point 
where I would have had to cut the map in half to get it to work O.o So it 
was scrapped. However, I've managed to use several parts of that map in 
this one, such as the club (yes, there is a club!), sewer system (what?! 
you've still not found it?!) and various textures.

Beta Testers
Thanks to the following people for scrutanizing the map and 
helping me bug fix it :)

Chair prefab by Stukatto
Open coffin prefab & Piano prefab by FliX
Flame model by Alphawolf [email protected]
Odium model by Mike and Bill Jukes
Spine/Skull torch by Arcana [email protected]
Support Column by Todd Gantzler

Be sure to visit the Stargate Mod website at !!!

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