Missile Silo

This is a small funny map. It is a missile silo. I suggest not using more then 4 people to play it. I like the detail used in this map. It m...


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This is a small funny map. It is a missile silo. I suggest not using more then 4 people to play it. I like the detail used in this map. It might be to small for a frag fest but altough that it's fun to play.

Also this map has BOT support wich is of course a good addition. Also watch the good use of entities. They have gas going out of the missle and some conduits. Those hurt you so don't get to close.

I recommend a download.

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Download 'dm_missile_silo.zip' (916KB)

Name:           DM Missile Silo
Map name:  missile (for console use)
For:               STVEF Holomatch  by: Raven
                     ***MAY NEED EXPANSION PACK***
                             For proper textures and models.

Bot support: Yes.  (only 3 spawn points)  So keep it small.  

Created by:  Jonathon and Seth Cornett
                      With some help from Myron Cornett aka:  SKS.45

Install Instructions:  After unzip, place missle.pk3 into baseef directory.
                                     Delete the .map file, sample pic and readme if you wish.
First off.... 
We realize this is a very small map and lacking gameplay wise.
Please don't knock it to harshly on those two aspects.
Strictly viewed from the father's perspective, I can only rate a perfect 10 :-)

This map is a big accomplishment for my two sons, Jon and Seth, ages 7 and 9.
Seth, our little artist, turned 7 recently. So actualy he was 6 when this map was built. 
The boys spent several weeks piecing this map together. Great teamwork !
Learning from watching me work on mine...to be released later.
I assisted my boys by setting some entity spec's, the lighting, 
pk3 compilation and writing this readme. Thats all.
Oh! And I had to turn the flame texture upside down on the small engines!
Also added the no_draw texture to one side of each flame in the map, 
until they got the idea and took over. 
They want me to incorporate this into my map as a doorway to a secret level.
What can I say :-) Guess I must !!!
The map file is included.  Have fun with it and use how you seem fit.
We don't hold any rights to the map.  
Besides, I thought it might be interesting  to some of you to see what a 7 and 9 year old could build,
using such a complicated program as EF Radient.  Now, to repair my radient settings !!! arrggg :-) 
Just mention in a readme or somthing would be nice,  
if you decide to use any part or all of this map in some creation you should make :-)

On a 500mhz Celeron 128mb sdram computor, Fullvis was running 36 hours 
with about half the map compiled??? Had a power failure, battery back-up ran as long as it could. 
Shut down and next time around we did the map with Fastvis in about 10 minutes.  Sorry :-( 

Other Info.... We have extensive Anti-Virus programs running at all times... 
This file was completly free of any harmful file at the time it was ditributed.  
We're not liable for anything that happens since the file left our computor to you.  
It's your discretion as to the use of this file :-)

SPECIAL THANKS:  Migdogs Mapping Stash. 
                                      ( I think they used one of your curved pipes prefabs)
                                       Elite Force Files and HTHQ.
                                       (For providing excellent continued commitment to the EF Community) 

                                       Agent 007 and everyone at Raven Forums.
                                      (The steam entity problem)  Thanks, your suggestion worked !!!  :-)                              

Take Care and Happy Fragging,
and Daddy :-)  SKS.45

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