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As state in "Read_B4_use" this pack is mainly done of model mapper can add in their map. Even if some work as replacement of the...


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As state in "Read_B4_use" this pack is mainly done of model mapper can add in their map. Even if some work as replacement of the compression rifle, some other has maybe too many vertex for a good use.

Even is the modeling is good sometime, most of the new texture use is too plain.

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           DJ KryptiK aka 8of12

Name: Mark Eight Phaser Auto-Compression Tactical Assault Weapon 

Type: Modified Phaser Compression Rifle

Textures: Default Phaser Rifle Skin BEST WITH zzzzwepfx.pk3 Added to baseEF

Description: Tactical Automatic Compression Assault Weapon: Advanced High Energy Compression Rifle plus a standard PPCR with adaptions and modifications.

Features: New Omega Particle Acceleration Barrel, Advanced Auto-Compression System in Foregrip and Undercariage, Magnetic Quantum Accelerators, Surplus Power Bleed and Dissipation System, Custom Renforced Weapons' Chasis, Blowback Compensation Gyro, and New Stand Alone High Energy Compession Rifle (undercaraige).  

The Origional Model: prifle
Model Used: ppcr prifle

New Sounds: No
New Textures: No
New EFX: No
New SFX: No
New GFX: No


Put the pk3 file in your baseEF folder like you would anyother map or skin. This mod will replace the default phaser rifle. The rifle is viewable from the Holomatch Main Menu, Holomatch Configuration, Player Configuration, In Game World Views, and 1st Person View. For an incrediable enhancement, add the zzzzwepfx.pk3 to your baseEF also. this will ad a new shader, make your photons and grenades more realistic, and put a polished metalic effect on some of your weapons.


Just take it out of your baseEF and the weapon will return to default.

The origional model was made by Raven Software, for STV: Elite Force. I have just modified the model adn claim no credit for the origional model or skin.

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