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Hey! Who said TheSnerd is gone from EF?

He just release for the holyday time a quite nice pack of new mod.

Too much to describe. Just...


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Hey! Who said TheSnerd is gone from EF?

He just release for the holyday time a quite nice pack of new mod.

Too much to describe. Just read the read me, that will light your imagination. ;)

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Release December 23rd, 2003

This mod features seven new gametypes: Holomatch: Weaponry, Flag Control, Tactical Intermezzo, Reward, Push Away, Randomize and Survivor

To install this mod extract this zip-file into your 'Star Trek Voyager Elite Force' directory - make sure not do install this mod into your baseef directory! A new subdirectory named 'mfg' will be created, where the mod resides...

I have also included a demo server-configuration file...

- Holomatch: Weaponry - g_pModWeaponry 1 / suggested gametype: FFA

Start with one of the best weapons and frag your way down to the lower levels. Find out if you're really that good ;)

g_winnerpoints - amout of points the round-winner earns

- Flag Control - g_pModControl 1 / only works in CTF!

Plays like CTF with a twist: for every second a player keeps hold of the flag, he receives one point...

Recommendation: Use a high fraglimit!

- Tactical Intermezzo - g_pModTactical 1 / suggested gametype: FFA

You begin the match with all weapons and you decide which to keep. Frag along with your desired weapon, if you die, you'll loose it and your killer receives it. Decide well!

- Reward - g_pModReward 1 / suggested gametype: FFA

For every frag you'll receive a reward - maybe just some new shilds or additional health, but you might also receive a new weapon, powerups or a holdable item :)

- Push Away - g_pModPushAway 1 / suggested gametype: FFA

Every player starts with a detpack, which can be used to push enemies off cliffs or just some metres away to escape safely or to throw 'em into hot lava!

- Randomize - g_pModRandomize 1 / suggested gametype: FFA

Play your favourite maps like never before - nothing will be the same... You'll see! :D

- Survivor - g_pModSurvivor 1 / must be a team-game! TDM/CTF

There is exactly one 'Neelix' on every team. The objectives are easy: a) Kill the other team's Neelix to win! b) Defend your team's Neelix (more difficult, who wants to defend him? )

Stephan 'The Coder Formerly Known As TheSnerd' Reiter -

Have fun and merry Christmas 2003!

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