Mr. Bunny



Q3 Convertion

This is a big rabbit.

Funny model/skin, it's really well made. Need to be download! :)

CTF/BOT Support



January 8, 2001
Mr. Bunny for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Created by Richard Owen

Model Name              : MrBunny 

Installation Directory  : BaseEF/efmdl-mrbunny .pk3

Elite Force Version     : Richard Owen

Email Address		: [email protected] 

URL                     : http://efmodels.bizland.com   

Author                  : LOBO971

Email Address           : [email protected]

Model description	: This model was made with lots of id's characters. Mr. Bunny was a test 			  for me to understand how to make a q3model... the model is based upon 			  the Visor model, the animations are from the Klesk model (thanks Mr. 			  	  Steed) and the skins are from id's too.. Now that I have finally 			  	  managed to achieve Mr. Bunny, I'm ready to make full original models, 			  thanks everybody, and have fun! 

Additional Credits	: Thanks to everyone at 3dpalette, Leif, Wrath, Paul Steed for releasing 			  his cool animations, Did for is great help, Bazuzeus, _golgoth_ errr.. 			  and the others;)


* Play Information *

New Sounds              : Yes
CTF Skins               : Yes
Bot Support		: Yes

* Construction *

Poly Count              : 1200
Vert Count              : 680
Skin Count              : 4
Base                    : Lots of  ID characters: Visor, Patriot, Klesk...
Editor used             : Built in 3DSMax, Pop-n-fresh
Build/Animation time    : Not so much... but  integration was looooong

* Copyright / Permissions *
Star Trek: Voyager is a trademark of Paramount Pictures. This product contains software technology licensed from Id Software, Inc. Id technology (c) 1999, Id Software, Inc. Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, Inc. © 1999 Activision, Inc.  

This model can be freely distributed on the net as long as this text file is included, and the pk3 file is unmodified. If you wish to include it in a compilation, Mod or commercial product, please email me first.

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