Ms Pacman Map Pack

Who hasn't played Ms. Pacman? You must have heard of Pacman, at least. Here is Gigon's attempt to put you in the place of that hungry, yel...


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Who hasn't played Ms. Pacman? You must have heard of Pacman, at least. Here is Gigon's attempt to put you in the place of that hungry, yellow dot and make it your job to hunt down your prey in the maze.

There are two versions of the Pacman maze here: the green one seems like the more common layout in Pacman games, the pink one is a little bit bigger and has a few differences in the layout. Both maps use a lovely cel shader effect to make the map seem so much like you're actually trapped in a Pacman game. A low grav atmosphere is also used that is just low enough to allow you to jump up on the walls. The only weapons you'll find are at the four corners of the maps (they replace those special white dots that Pacman eats to make the bad guys vulnerable in the arcade game). A pretty good choice of weapons as well (thankfully nothing spammy like the Photon), but instead semi-powerful weapons like the Tetryon and Comp Rifle. A cool little 'feature' of the maps is that spectators can fly underneath the map and see the all the players in the maze, gives a nice arcade-y feeling.

This map pack does a great job of bringing Pacman to the EF universe, highly recommended for a 1v1 or small FFA game.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: No

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Download '' (2.62MB)

Ms Pacman Map Pack

A Star Trek Voyager Elite Force MP Levelpack by: 

Gigon - Eric Lessard -

E-Mail : [email protected] 

Put the mspacman_mappack.pk3 in your BaseEF folder.


Delete the mspacman_mappack.pk3.
Their 2 map in this mappack:

- mspacman 1v1
- mspacman 1v1 2

They are base on 2 MsPacman levels by Midway. 
The idea has been inspire by the Pacman map by WWAZman.


- Lowgrav 400 (normal 800)
- gametype: single ffa
- 8 ffa spawnpoints/map 
- New textures
- New shaders
- New sound
- New music: PACMANIA (sequenced by Hyperion)
- bot support

gameplay note:

- The low gravity allow you to reach the top of the walls
  in one single jump.

- In 'spectator' mode you can go under the 'floor' to
  look at the match.
Beta-testers: MMFSdjw, Gigon.

Special thanks to Paracyte for his cel shader.

Hail to Moru Iwatani, maker of the original Pacman in 1980.

Read, from ‘pong’ to ‘pac-man’, at 
Distribution / Copyright / Permissions 

Download at your own risk. You cannot hold me responsible 
for any damage this causes to your computer.

Copyright (c) 2004 Eric lessard
All rights reserved.

This level may be electronically distributed only at 
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST 
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN 

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