Munro Adventures



(MAC)Jonathan is at it again! If you don't have part one (located here), you should getthat one first to fully understand the plot of this one. The plot: the borg are at it again. There's also some scavengers in there, too. Those "trojan horse" sounds make me laugh ... and they say what a little too much. :D

There's a part three in the works, so stay tuned ... same Trek time, same Trek channel. :)



Name: Munro Adventures (Part 2)

Info: This is Part 2 of the Adventure. To get this you should download the first Adventure. This took me a while to make when I started to make it. There is going to be a part 3 and that is fact. I just finished exporting the file to .MP3 and the time is now midnight! I hope you enjoy!

News: I think that I am going to keep on going with the Munro Adventures to where I can't think up anything new. 

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