New Hope - Station Modas

SciSeven presents the highly anticipated Station Modas, formerly known as STCom.

Contained within is a five deck outpost based within the...


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SciSeven presents the highly anticipated Station Modas, formerly known as STCom.

Contained within is a five deck outpost based within the Gamma Quadrant. Expanding on the previous version, Station Modas adds a multitude of new rooms to the base including; a Computer Core, Science Laboratory, Armory and Cargo Bay. Which increases this maps attractiveness for full blown RP crew and plot-lines.

Another nice addition to the map, is an RPG-X 2 specific feature; Give Entities. These entities allow you to give and take items from your character inventory, such as weapons and engineering equipment. Previously seen on the Relativity map, these entities have proved to be rather popular and make a very welcome addition to what is a highly enjoyable map.

With that in mind however, Station Modas does have one let down. Coming the form of misaligned textures; most notably in the Ready Room and Crew Quarters. While not sounding too bad, the misalignment causes these two areas to appear rather unattractive and the former of which looks to be made of polystyrene.

While this setback is aesthetically displeasing, it does not detract from the quality of mapping or the enjoyability of the overall map.

Note: The USS Ariana (Beta 2) and Starfighter Command Update are required to run this map as intended.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


Warning: Having either the Dragon Class or UFG City may cause this map to experience a corrupt JPG error, removing them will resolve it.

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Download '' (5.48MB)

Welcome on Station Modas!
Station Modas is an outpost of the Modas-system (Gamma Quadrant). 
It is a new design of Starbases and this will also be the pilot-project of this design.
For further information, visit New Hope:

This is a RPG-Map, so you must have the RPG-X2 Mod and the RPG-X 2.1 Patch!
RPG-X2 Mod:;82578
RPG-X2.1 Patch:;86779

You must have the Starfighter Command - Update installed and the U.S.S. Ariana!
Starfighter Command - Update:;85727
U.S.S. Ariana:;86361

Installation Instructions
Put the zzzzzznh_stmodas.pk3 into your RPG-X2 folder.
Load the map by typing the following command into the console "/map nh_stmodas" (without the "" of course).

Created By
Seamus Ducane (aka Charles Tucker) and SciSeven (aka Seven of Nine) for New Hope.

If you find any bugs in this map, please contact us via email (SciSeven[AT]hotmail[DOT]de oder ducane[AT]online[DOT]de) or you can
send us a PM on the RPG-X-board to sciseven or to Charles Tucker.

Special Thanks
-Johnson (for his great LCARS textures)
-Scooter (for some textures of the canon-mod)

Beta Testers:
-Johnson (aka RadiSign) (New Hope)
-Kris Saul (New Hope)
-Joe Astor (New Hope)
-Michael Appleby (ST-RP)
-John Sheppard (F-RP)

Soundfiles from:

You are not authorized to use any parts of the map without our permission. 
Please contact us when you want to use anything. (see bug-report)

Star Trek (c), in all its various forms, is a trademark of Paramount Pictures, Inc.
All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective holders.

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