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Despite being around the RPG-X community for some time now, RadiSign of the New Hope roleplay group brings us the newest Beta...


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Despite being around the RPG-X community for some time now, RadiSign of the New Hope roleplay group brings us the newest Beta of what is perhaps their masterpiece map: the USS Ariana.

The Ariana is a medium size map representing the new "Morpheus-class" runabouts, which are slightly bigger than your typical Danube-class, including such areas as a multi-purpose office, a fully equipped sickbay, crew cabins, and also an escape pod (which launches). In addition to this, Ariana brings you some new RPing features like the ability to land the runabout and then spacewalk outside on what appears to be a barren asteroid or moon. Of course, warp, impulse, red alert and all the usual are here too. I could go on and on about the different rooms and features, but that description covers the basics.

Anyway, tech-wise, everything is finely polished and the textures hit the spot exactly. Could have done with a little more light outside the ship when landed, perhaps, but thats my only complaint. This is a seriously good map and one that EVERY roleplayer should have.

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor).

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Download '' (28.71MB)




MORPHEUS CLASS (extended long range variant)



	Put the 'uss_ariana.pk3' in your baseEF/ directory. If you have an old version replace it with this!
	In the console, type: map uss_ariana


If you find bugs please tell me at:



	This is the next Version of the USS Ariana map. The Map is fully compatible with original Elite Force and ioST:V HM.
	The USS ARIANA is the Captain's yacht / Runabout of the USS MUKOSAKA (



	- The Escapepods only can be used if the Runabout is out of warp and stopped impulse engines. Trigger is situated at the CO Chair.
	- The Airlock is only usable if the Runabout is landed. You can land if there is also no warp or impulse be activated.


Known Bugs:

	If you find one, please report it to Thanks!



	Mapping by Abraham Johnson (RadiSign)



	In no way should you redistribute this pk3 without my permission 
	and without the original uss_ariana_readme.txt
	All textures in this pk3 were created by Abraham Johnson (RadiSign) or are modified from original Raven Software "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force",
	or other respective owners. Please feel free to use textures were created by Abraham Johnson (RadiSign). For other textures you'll need permission of their creators.
	All models in this pk3 used from original Raven Software "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force".
	Special thanks to the unknown creator of the great CO, Ops, Helm chairs from DS9:BoP.



	Chris Dragon for a lot of good ideas, testing and generally
	Seven of Nine for testing and bug search
	Charles Tucker for testing
	Marc Harison for testing
	T. Riker for testing
	TaregG for bug announcement
	TiM for the great perfect fix to use this map with RPG-X2.1
	Stuart Baldwin for that great blueprints of the orignal morpheus class runabout
	Everyone who has helped me with the errors
	The RPG-X Team for making such a awesome mod that this map was made for
	Raven for making Elite Force
	Gene Roddenberry for making Star Trek

Thank you, 

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