New West

This map was made by Mr. T and James Nukem. Another great map :D.


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This map was made by Mr. T and James Nukem. Another great map :D.

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*		    *
*    CTF NEWWEST    *
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Raven Software for ELite Force.
The community for their feedback and support.
The forum go'ers on the raven boards
and the creators of GTK Radient.
Firstly id like to thank Stukatto and the makers of Max Payne for the awsome textures and shadders that were 
used in this map.
Id like to thank everyone who beta tested the map on newyears eve and witnest the countdown to newyear when i blew them all 
to hell at midnight :P to see the new year in.
And of course Myself and MR T Thank eachother for another brilliant Project
Thanks also goes to Access Code for the music used in this map "Error in the System (club remix).

Id like to thank Wise washu for his picky beta testing :P
Thanks also go to following Beta testers.


Listing in no particular order as they come to mind.

1. !AAH!James Nukem - Developer
2. !AAH!MR T - Developer
3. !AAH!Wise Washu
4. ||TF||Bond
5. [TDM] Assim
6. ||TF|| Vin
7. **[BC]** Borg Master
8. [TBA] Photons Be Free
9. *[BC]* Cpt_Species

a few others, sorry if i missed you out, the beta was a while ago, thank you.

Thank you all for helping make this map posible.

* Map Details *

Basied on MR T's Bar by MR T, map started by MR T.
After James Nukem and MR T constantly spammed eachother to get people to eat at their bars (ie Eat at Nukems ect)
MR T and James finaly decided to build their bars and settle the argument in a ctf Frenzy.

This map was started prior to Deralict 3 but was put on hold to get the leggendary map of the ground.

Welcome and thank you for downloading our lattest and greatest mapping achivement!
I hope you enjoy playing!

Just incase you dont know how to add and run a custom map.
Extract from the ctf_newwest.pk3 to your Startrek Voyager Elite Force
BASEEF folder.
Then run EF and bring down the console by pressing the ¬ key next to 1 and type:
/map ctf_newwest

Then Enjoy.


Map file name: Ctf_newwest
Build time:3 months on and off
Features:Nukem's bar, MR T's bar, City center with the usual things you would expect and A few nifty secrets 
I will leave you to find out.

And of Course thanks to the EF Community in general and the people on the Raven Mod board 
and in Elite Role Playing for comments and feedback.

Known bugs:
A small phasing bug that MR T and i cant be botherd to fix after a 3 hour compile :P
Also NUkems bar's Toliets had to be closed after Cup and Assim trashed them. Grrr.

Oh and also other known bugs, Dung beatle, cockroach, low lifes that DEVMAP and NOCLIP to
find my secrets, peons that moan about something they wanted in the map not being there and
people that phaser my pics.

* Credits and resouces used *

Map Developers: James Nukem and MR T
Textures: Stukatto, Max Payne, James Nukem and MR T
Shaders: Stukatto, MR T
Technology: MR T
Map layout and design: James Nukem
Sound editing: James Nukem
Sound collecting: James Nukem and MR T
Music: Event Horizion theam
Exessive bug finding and constructive critisisim: Wise Washu

As far as im aware the map file is perfectly fine and shoudlent do anything bad ^_^.
BUT incase it dose (or some mad person tries anything funny) i accept no responsibility for
any damage that may result from the use of this file. all files shoule be virus scanned after download
before opening.

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