Normal Space Mod



Tired of looking at all that depressing space junk floating around? Want to try a change of scenery? If so, then look no more...allow me to introduce trekker670, and his solution to this predicament! His Normal Space Mod is his first ever mod; It will remove all the damaged ships and other crap that clutters up your View Screen, and replace them with a normal starfield. How sweet is that?

This mod won't take up much room, as it's small in size, but it makes a big difference...if Deanna Troi was handy, she'd say "A change of scenery is always good, and, is sometimes just what the gamer needs!" Can't argue with that! So, if you are not thrilled about watching derelict hulls floating around, commence your download now....

See the readme for the developer's notes



Normal Space Mod
By: Trekker670

This is a really simple mod that just changes the space background which is normally the damaged ships from the forge, into the normal starfield. This was made for use with the virtual voyager, so it appears that it is just another day on the Voyager, instead of being trapped in the forge. This is my first actual mod, so it is really simple, I just renamed a few files and turned it into a pk3 file. 

If you have any suggestions email me at: [email protected]


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