One Small Step

A small map by !AAH! Fox. Just the right size for a low grav tourney. A donut shaped central hub surrounded by small platforms with weapons...


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A small map by !AAH! Fox. Just the right size for a low grav tourney. A donut shaped central hub surrounded by small platforms with weapons and pickups. Two long ribbed platforms on either side of the hub, serve as spawn points. Very tricky when playing a 1on1 with someone in low grav while trying to land on the small platforms without getting blown away. Perfect map for disintegration mod. maxClients is around 12, I wouldn't have any more than that. Nice map. If you like to tourney, then this is the map for you. Nice job Fox ;)

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Download 'one_small_step.pk3' (3.57MB)

*** One Small Step ***

General Map Info

This is my second decent anti_grav map. 

Its probably more suited to 1 v 1 but does well enough for other modes
of play as well, and can support up to 16 players.

I Hope you enjoy or that if you dont, you will at least send some feedback
via e-mail to: [email protected]

Suported modes of play

CTF         : Yes
FFA         : Yes
Team DM     : Yes
Bot Support : Yes   -   ( Not recommended, unless you get sadistic pleasure from watching lemming bots lol )

Time taken

Map creation : 1 week
FullVis      : 8 Hrs
FastVis      : 30 mins

System used

System        : Windows ME
Speed         : 1.3 Ghz
Ram           : 128 Mb
Graphics Card : GeForce 2


How 2 Install

Copy and paste the One_Small_step.pk3 file into your Baseef Folder which can be found
in your Star Trek folder.

(C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF)

You can find this folder most easily by clicking on:

(a) "Start"
(b) "Find/Search"
(c) "Files or Folders"
(d) In the "Named" box type in "baseef"
(e) Im the "look in" box make sure that "C:" is selected.
(f) Hit the "search now" button.

Obviously if you have several hard drives you will have to substitute the "C:" for 
whatever drive you installed STEF on.


How 2 Run

To actually run the map goto:

(1) Start
(2) Programs
(3) Raven Software
(4) Star Trek voyager Elite Force 
(5) Star Trek voyager Elite Force holomatch

Once it comes up on screen select:

(a) Single player
(b) Create match

Select the game style you wish to play: CTF / FFA / DM 

Scroll through the avaiable maps until the "One_Small_Step" map appears.


Thanks go out to:

Wolf         - ( For general constuctive critisism of weapons and map layout)
James Nukem  - ( For advice on positioning of platforms and spawn points)
Wise Washu   - ( For game testing, and advice on map naming ) 
Wolf Woman   - ( For game testing )
All of you   - ( For downloading and playing this map )


Additional maps

You can also find more maps for download at:

Both are excellent sites with plenty of usefull maps and info.



I !AAH!Fox or Fox as Im more commonly known, take no responsibility what so ever for any 
damage that may result from the use of this map.

Be it for: system crash's, broken keyboard, broken mouse, disruption to your tv set, 
epalectic fits etc etc etc.

Simply put I dont care what you may think my map has done, I wont be held responsible for


As allways I recommend downloading a good virus checker and scaning any download you use.

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