Over The Edge



Well, before I say anything, start downloading.

This map is pretty nice. It consists of many walkways and platforms, crafted around a building that is floating in the sky. You can go under, over, through, and around the building to reach the two flags on either side of it. By each flag is an elevator and a transporter. The elevator is shaped around a tower and will bring you up to the flag from the level below. The transporter will take you down to the lowest level. Also near the flag is a large door that can only be opened from the other side using a button. The passage behind it will take you directly past a photon burst to an identical door and the other flag.

The lowest level of the map reveals another pathway to get under the building, that consists of floating platforms of which you must jump from one to the other to get across, a quad resides in the centre. There is two mini huts on either side here that contain a transporter taking you to the highest point on the map - on top of the main building. Here you can find an arc welder, some armor, and more importantly the metaphasic shielding. You can also reach this point by getting one of the anti-gravity packs located on the higher walkways.

Some jumpads also reside on this map by the lower/middle walkways, taking you up to higher walkways and sending you shooting across the map, a bit like in the map 'Astro'.

You really have to try this map out for yourself to see what I mean, it even has some cool music to keep you happy. I would like to see this one on some servers :).

Review by Gez



Over The Edge by Chilla-X 

Name:         	Over The Edge 
Game Type:      FFA, Team FFA, CTF
Recommended:	2+ players
Bot Support:	Yes

Space type map, some floating walkways & Platforms, a couple of jumpads & a structure with a limited interior. 
Theres a few ways to reach the enemy side & capture their flags, some are quicker than others ;)

Stick Pk3 in your BaseEF folder, run from menu or console (map ctf_ote)

The lowest Framerate i get in this map is 74fps. This is with the graphics on best settings & @ 1600x1200.
On a lower end system framerate may be an issue?

If you have the golden shield or have just spawned you can walk on the bottom of the skybox for a short period 
of time.

Around an hour

Athlon XP3200, 1GB Ram, Radeon 9700pro (all overclocked) etc etc......

Raven & ID for a wonderfull game & the Q3 engine.
Jack O'Neill for testing the map.
Gez for testing the map & pointing out some issues
Stratosphere skybox by Sock
Custom Models by evil lair
Custom textures & shaders: Speedy, Todd 'Mr.CleaN' Rose, evil lair, kris [Idolator] hagedoorn, 

email me - [email protected]

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