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This is a map pack based on the Nintendo 64 game Perfect Dark. I never owned Perfect Dark myself, so I can't give a good comparason of thes...


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This is a map pack based on the Nintendo 64 game Perfect Dark. I never owned Perfect Dark myself, so I can't give a good comparason of these maps to the origonals, however the maps are great to play. They are all capture the flag maps, and feature bot support.

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Download '' (8.9MB)

Perfect Dark Map Pack 1A by Griffin Endurance


Just run the provided .EXE


This is a mini mod and map pack based on the original Perfect Dark game for N64. It contains 3 CTF maps which
Do have bot support. They are ctf_grid, ctf_warehouse and ctf_area52. This is the first part of Map Pack 1 and
Map Pack 1b should be release over the comming months. 


There are a few things that people might call bugs that i would like to put here so people will not need to 
email me about them. 1 is related to the lift on CTF_GRID when the NPCs attempt to use it an error message 
appears. Note that although these maps have bot support that dosent mean that you have to play it with bots. 
Also many of the corridors are very narrow so the NPCs "if running the oposite way you are" will not move and
you will become stuck in the corridors unless you move back. Note that i did not design this map i just copyied
it from PD so theres nothing i can do about it i am affraid. In both CTF_Warehouse and CTF_Area52 there are 2
places where npcs will spawn and then not move because the only way out is through ladders that bots dont seem
to use. Also on occasion in CTF_Grid a bot might spawn into the wall and not be able to move up in the red base.
I have moved the spawn point to fix this problem but it might return.  


* Perfect Dark is a registered trademark of Rare LTD
* This mini mod and its entire contents was done by me, so if you would like to use any of it encluding Sounds,
Textures, Models and so on, you need to ask me. If you do not ask me and I find some of this mod in other 
released mods then I will request that you mod be removed from all sites untill you ither get permission from 
me to use those components or you remove them from your mod.
* This was done by me, aka Griffin Endurance. If anyone trys to take credit for my work and submits it to a 
site, saying that they made it, and I find out then it will be removed and I will make sure you are banned 
from that site.
* If anyone wants to put my mod on there website please asked me first


Thanks too Rare LTD for such a fantastic game. Look forward to playing the sequal :P


If you have any questions or queries and would like to get in touch with me please email me
at [email protected]

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