Place of the Perished Souls

A cool deathmatch map with much variety.


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A cool deathmatch map with much variety.

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Place of the perished souls Readme

This is the Final Version of my DM-map. Please mail suggestions, ideas, problems and other things to me:

[email protected]

How do you use this map?
That's easy. Copy Place.pk3 (included in this zipfile) to your BaseEf directory (e.g. D:\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEf). Then start Holomatch. Click on 'Multi-Match' and then on 'Create Server'. Choose as game type 'Free For All' and click on 'Continue'. Now scroll to my map wich is called 'Place'. Select it and configure (if you wish) the time limit and/or the fraglimit. Select the Holografic Caracters and click on 'Engage'. My map should load now.

****** Info ******
Bot-Support:			Yes
Compile Time:			20 Min. (Included Bot-Support)
Develop Time:			About 3 weeks
Programs used:			EFRadiant (v1.0.0.1), BSPc-Gui (v0.05)

Known Bugs:
- You can look a bit through the 2 towers on the '2nd floor'.


Cmdr Chakotay:			Designer + Developer (That's me!!!) 
Wolpheonix + HorckDude:		Designers (They only give me some ideas, they did not build the map! (no offence))
Win2ksal: 			For giving my map a name
Wolpheonix + HorckDude:		Beta-testers

Happy Fragging!!!!!!!

The names in this readme file are nicknames.

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