Pool Table

Cool map taking place on a pool table

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Cool map taking place on a pool table

No bot support.

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		:::::::Another Map by Jeremy Critchfield:::::

Important Information: 
Bot support: Sorry all u bot lovers, boit no bot support again. I cannot fix the problem with my bspc-gui, as it does not for some reason work on my computer, but alas, i hope u enjoy :)

Compilation Time: Oh...I'd say a mere 1 min. Low, isnt it? I love GTKradiant! Even tho it isnt a long compilation time, i say its a pretty good map!

Map Types: I slacked off a bit, making only a FFA (Free For All), so ill have to get off my lazy errr....i think u get the point :), Sorry CTF'ers!

Beta Testing: Hmm...? Wha? Beta Testing???? OH! Thanks to the following ppl for beta testing it :)

|llTWPll|Jeremy (ME)
[USEA] Cpt. Odyssey

there might have been 1 or 2 i missed, but thx to them anyway!

Completion Times: 1-2 Days (I love having that map already made, i just fixed it up :)
Also, secrets took about 30 min. to complete!

Well, this is my second map, and i cant wait to see what other map i shall make is next....

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