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A intro movie which shows all the crew members of the Poseidon if I'm not mistaken. The quality of the movie is quite good and so is the mu...


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A intro movie which shows all the crew members of the Poseidon if I'm not mistaken. The quality of the movie is quite good and so is the music. You will see the Poseidon flying around aswell as an occasional shuttle. Oh, and there's also a starbase.

If you can't see anything that's probably because you don't have the right codec installed. Check the readme.

Total length of this movie is 1 min and 58 sec.

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Download 'v2intro.zip' (48.82MB)


Just unzip and play! You'll need the XVID codec which can be found here:

The USS Poseidon (ussposeidon.net) is a roleplaying group that focuses on one ship and starbase. So 
far we've managed to create amazing story lines that capture imaginations of the people who read them.


Cris Carter - Captain Carter
Rob Phillips - Commander Phillips
Nancy Carter - Commander Carter
Jonathon Ranger - Lieutenant Commander Ranger
Web Master - Lieutenant Commander Master
Ryan Eagler - Lieutenant Commander Eagler
Banana - Lieutenant Commander Banana
Dan Bradley - Lieutenant Bradley
Reginald Grey - Lieutenant Grey
Tolian FarCry - Lieutenant Commander FarCry
Caroline McKenzie - Lieutenant Commander McKenzie
Dave Doss - Lieutenant Dave Doss
James Young - Lieutenant J.G. Young
Squall Leonheart - Ensign Leonheart
Mack Richards - Quartermaster
Anika Knowles - Lieutenant J.G. Knowles
Adrian Kridge - Lieutenant J.G. Krige

Introduction Credits: 
Dan Bradley (DigtalDan.me.uk): 3D CGI Animation, background concepts and compilation.
Will Riker: Canon titles and opening logo.
FarCry: Sea Scene, Water and Sky.
J. Ranger: Music dubbing.
Sean Saunders: Music dubbing.
Squall Leonheart: Texture Conversions.
Web Master: Because he's uber.
Reggie Grey: Director of the starbase 11 scene.

Model Credits: 
Dan Bradley - Sov Model ReTexture, Sun and Flares.
Will Riker - Poseidon Registry Texture.
T.Slanitz - Danube Runabout + Shuttles
Sarod - Uber Elite Intrepid.
Hobes - Starbase 11 Model.
Extra Thanks to 'RedStorm' for the planets.

USS Poseidon Concept & Map By:

Website: http://www.ussposeidon.net


This introduction may be redistributed using the internet and may be stored on digital media. Any attempts
at modification, redistribution for profit or any unethical action will be persued.

All Star Trek materials on this site belong to Paramount. 
Star Trek Voyager (TM), ® & © Paramount Pictures. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
STAR TREK and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures Corporation.  
Star Trek Poseidon concept created by Will and Anthony (ST-RP.com)

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