PPArena is a medium sized and decently open map. It consists of various octagonal rooms (each harboring a weapon in the middle of it) conne...


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PPArena is a medium sized and decently open map. It consists of various octagonal rooms (each harboring a weapon in the middle of it) connected to each other. Three of the rooms are on one level containing a tetryon, photon and welder, with the photon room being the centre of the map. The remaining two rooms are on a higher level (and are only reachable from the tetyron and welder rooms). The passages that connect these rooms offer shield and health pickups. At various corner locations are transporters which all take you to the photon room.

The connecting passages comes in two varieties, a large tube-like one and a simple straight one. The tube one only has small health and armor, but it is a shorter distance. The straight one is narrower and longer but it does contain a large health pickup. This is a nice way to make sure to balance out the greater pickup with the greater danger (i.e. if you go for that large health, you are less likely to come out alive the other side ;))

The map plays pretty well. It definitely forces you to move around in order to gain kills (as everything is appropriately spread out). The recommended 100 players for the map seems a bit excessive ;) though I'd say a 6-8 player match would work out pretty nicely.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: No

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Download 'pparenav3.zip' (9.71MB)

*/*/   pparena    /*/*

Name: PhotoPaint
email: alanhorton@hotmail.com
msn: n/a

File name: pparena.pk3	
bsp name: pparena.bsp
time taken: 6 - 8 weeks
Bot surport: Yes
New Textures: Yes
New music: Yes
New sounds: Yes

Installation instructions -  extract file pparena.pk3 to the path of baseef folder.
			     load up ef holomatch and go to solo match and click create own 
			     game. put it so its on ffa or tdm and look for pparena

Info: this map was created in november 2003, i got the error off a q3 map like u do so its q3 styled :D i herd they go down??
mainly used the evil textuer sets in this creation hehe. i didnt realse i still had this map till some one of jka was talking
to me about hm_Tfx. then a tfx reminded me i was doing an arena lol so i look high and low and found the pk3 on my server and 
the .map in my backups so i fixed the errors and pressto got ef a new map. enjoy :)

Known Errors: Bots will lower the FPS in this map so be warned :( also might be some areas where u can see out the map. my bad 
i missed the pink clauk ;)

Thanks to:[TFX] for nowt ;) only kidding hehehe they helped me aplha, beta so on the usal :P
	 that guy on jka who was talkni about my maps mod lord....... 
	effiles for takin in my shit ;)
	and of course the guy who got my intreasted into mapping the legand stukatto. *bows*

how u enjoy :D

frag on ;)

Copyright/Permissions Voyager:
Elite Force(R) and Star Trek(R) are registered trademarks of Raven Software and Paramount Pictures,Inc.

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