Project Independance Crew Patch

project_indepence_crew_patch.zip —


I haven't got a clue what this does exactly, but I gather it fixes something in Captain Shuttle's Project Independance mod. It's officially sanctioned by Captain Shuttle. If you can understand gibberish, the explanation is in the readme below.



------------------------Project independance crew patch 1.0-------------------------

not seining seinor officers 

Pure oxygen seel problem 

and droping the force filed to alow your seinor officer to enter the turbo lift 


This is an offical project indepenance patch 
this was done with full permission 


put this into :ncc11226a file in the star trek voyager elite force file 

( were the stvoy exe is located ) 

play the game normaly it should work fine 


project independace by : captain shuttle 

patch created by : chris edmund 


to captain shuttle for creating independance 

to effiles.com for posting the patch 

to you for downloading the file

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