Project Independance Preview Movie

independance_preview_movie.zip —


If you can bare to sit thru slideshows, this video shows several screenshots from Captain Shuttle's Project Independance mod. Sound and picture quality is pretty bad, and it's very hard to watch for the whole ten minutes. Download if you want, but only if you have Windows Media Player because it's in WMV format.



This is an offical  video promo for star trek project independance

-----------------------------------to view-------------------------------------

dubble click on : independance preivew file 


YOU WILL see some seens that are repteaed but beleave me there are a few 

suprises at the end (you will not find the suprise in the prievews) 

-----------------------------Contact Me------------------------------------------

At: [email protected] 


To effiles: for posting this

To: captain shuttle for creating a grate mod 

TO: you for downloading 

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