This mod, I hope will change a lot of thing in the small EF community.

Everyone know that the Quake 3 community is quite huge with over 4...


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This mod, I hope will change a lot of thing in the small EF community.

Everyone know that the Quake 3 community is quite huge with over 4,000 servers running.

Thousand of people play it and a load of them make map. The Q3 modding community is quite huge too...

When playing a custom map on Q3, I got an idea... Those amazing map, why we can't have them on EF?

Short time later, with some info, it appear to me quite easy for a coder to change the EF HM code to be able to support Q3 map.

The Snerd gave a small ammount of time on it, but it never result of something working. He was, and he is still taken by his amazing CooP mod.

After, the Lt. Cmdr. Salinga toke it over.

Few month, later, here it is! The Q32EF mod is finaly out!

Every Q3 and Q3TA map is now working PERFECTLY on this mod.

However, the best is to use custom Q3 map with custom texture and model. But, you can use the basic Q3/Q3TA map from ID with a small editing of the Q3 pak0.pk3. For that, get the small instruction text that are on the official Q32EF site. (http://q32ef.fragland.net)

When installed, you can play both EF and Q3 map.

So, server admin, we push you to get this mod, and get some GREAT Q3 map. ;)

Even if the logo and the idea is from me, the whole coding is from Salinga.

With the upcoming CooP and the monthly upgraded IRez, this mod take EF to a new stage.


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Download 'q32ef100.zip' (777KB)

 __                                          ________________________  __
(  | USS VOYAGER HOLODECK MODIFICATION FILE |________________________||__)
 ) |               __
(__| Q32EF V1.0.0 |__)

                                                 __                    __
                                                (__| THE MODIFICATION |__)

     This modification is done to bring the wide variety of the
     Quake III Arena maps to the Elite Force community! Since EF
     is based on the Q3A Engine it just takes a little modification
     of EF tu run them (ok, mostly) all! :-)
     After installing this mod you can just download some of the
     Q3A maps, put it into the mods folder, run the mod and play it!
     Even online!
     The only thing that could happen is: standard textures and sounds
     are missing.
     But since some great mappers just take their own complete 
     textures sets for their maps these ones will run without any
     problems on EF with this modification.
     A basic support of the Q3TA maps is also included.
     The Q3 arena files will also work so some maps will appear
     correctly in your single player menu. The Q3 bots are converted
     to EF bots, so you won't enter a arena with no bots or bot
     As a little bonus this mod has the LCARS Patch v1.23 included,
     so you can be shure the Q3A maps will also appear additionally
     to your EF maps in the menus.
     It's time for a harddisk upgrade, my friend! ;-)
     BTW: Yes, if you know how to do it right, you can include the
     Q3A basic map package, textures and sounds to EF by putting them 
     right into the mods folder. But be aware: By doing so you can hurt
     your license agreement with ID!
                                                    __                 __
                                                   (__| CHANGED STUFF |__)

     - All features of LCARS Patch v1.23 (read more about it at
     - Standard weapon is the Scavenger Rifle additionally to the
       phaser (like the machine gun in Q3).
     - Q3A Items are converted like followed:
       Weapons Q3A:
       Machine Gun -> Scavenger Rifle
       Shotgun -> Infinitve Modulater
       Rocket Launcher -> Quantum Burst
       Big Freakin Gun -> Dreadnought
       Railgun -> Compression Rifle
       Lightning Gun -> Stasis Weapon
       Plasma Gun -> Tetrion Disruptor
       The Grenade Launcher stays the same.
       Weapons Q3TA:          
       Chain Gun -> Compression Rifle
       Prox Launcher -> Grenade Launcher
       Nail Gun -> Tetrion Disruptor
       Health Items Q3A:
       Small -> Hypo Small
       Normal -> Hypo normal
       Large -> Hypo normal
       Mega -> Holdable Medkit

       Holdable Items Q3A:
       Teleporter -> Transporter (who had guessed! ;-)
       Invulnerability -> Shield

       Holdable Items Q3TA:
       Kamikaze -> Detpack
       Portal -> Transporter
     - Q3 bots in arena files are converted as followed:
       Xaero -> Seven 
       Orbb -> Neelix 
       Slash -> Jurot 
       Sorlag -> 8472 
       Daemia -> Kehlyr 
       Uriel -> Reaver 
       Wrack -> Kahless 
       Keel -> 2_of_3 
       Bitterman -> Biessman 
       Gorre -> 4_of_12 
       Anarki -> Foster 
       TankJr -> Beta 
       Patriot -> Chakotay 
       Cadavre -> Arjofa 
       Angel -> Torres 
       Klesk -> Avatar 
       Phobos -> Tolek 
       Mynx -> Janeway 
       Visor -> Chell 
       Lucy -> BorgQueen 
       Hunter -> Alexandria 
       Razor -> Paladin 
       Major -> Salma 
       Biker -> Desperado 
       Sarge -> Munro 
       Stripe -> Chang 
       Grunt -> Gowron 
       Ranger -> Gamma 
       Doom -> TLar 
       Hossman -> Katarah 
       Bones -> Doctor 
       Crash -> Telsia 

       These conversion does not consider the Q3 bot characteris-
       tics. If someone like to do a more comparable conversion list,
       please do so and contact me.
                                                             __        __
                                                            (__| TIPS |__)
     * If you want this mod to run serverside only, you can do so
       in running it as a unpure server. Now clients only have to
       install the Q3 map, not the mod, to play it on your server.
     * Set sv_allowDownload to "1". Since Patch 1.20 a bug causes 
       clients to hang if a server doesn't allow downloads and the
       client (cl_allowDownload) is forced to download a modification
       from a server.
       Tell all clients to set their Autodownload option off (via
       menu or "/set cl_allowdownload 0").
                                                   __                  __
                                                  (__| HOW TO INSTALL |__)
     * First of all: You need the installed Patch 1.20 or the Expansion
       Pack. This won't work with EF 0.28, EF 1.10!
     * Extract the ZIP-File contents into your Elite-Force root directory - 
       like "C:\STVOY", NOT the baseef-Folder!

       After that you should have a folder named "q32ef" and a batch 
       file named RUNQ32EF.BAT.
       All Q3 maps should be put into the q32ef folder, NOT the baseef
       folder, since they work only perfectly with this modification.
                                                       __              __
                                                      (__| HOW TO RUN |__)

     * There are three ways to run this modification:
       1. Start Elite Force Holomatch as usual and activate the modification
          in the MOD list.
          The entry is called "-={ Q3-2-EF | vn.n.n }=-" where n.n.n is
          the actual version installed.
       2. Run Elite Force Holomatch from the command prompt by typing:
          "stvoyhm +set fs_game q32ef"
       3. ...or just by the installed batch file:
                                                           __          __
                                                          (__| HISTORY|__)

       10.03.2002 V1.0.0
       * First release...

                                                           __           __
                                                          (__| CONTACT |__)
       Well, I hope you like this little modification. If you have 
       suggestions  or a bug to report, please don't hesitate to contact
       me via this email address:
       [email protected]
       Visit the mods site for the latest version to download or more
       information about it. A discussion forum is also provided to 
       connect to other users of this mod and talk about the coolest
       Q3 maps played best with this mod on EF:

       My thanks goes to:
         U.S.S. SPEED for his idea to this mod and the logo!
         DARKMAN for his excellent work on the mods site!
 __  _______________________________                                   __
(__||_______________________________| PROGRAMMED BY LT. CMDR. SALINGA |__)
Quake III Arena TM AND (C) 1999 Id Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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