Ra's Ring Transporter Mod



Nice change to the Transporter and worth a look if your into Stargate, there are others around like the ones from SGMod. But effort has gone into it and it does the job, think this is the first transporter effect based on The Stargate Movie so well done!



Welcome to Ra's ring transporter Mod for star trek voyager elite force 

I have looked at all the stargate sg1 transporters and they are great but I've taken this opportunity to make the transporters form 

The Major MGM Box office hit STARGATE 

Made back in 1994 I am watching it right now 

I have also converted the entire elite force transporter platform into Ra's transporter 

I now post of you will tink it's useless but hey I ain't really caring 

I hope that in 2.0 you'll be beaming out in ring fashion I hope 

Shove the file into the BaseEf file and let the game rip 



I did it all my self 


To: efiles.com for posting the file 

And you for down loading the file

2 new stargate games:  DHD HQ and Star Gate Command Dialling program

                                  DHD dialling program 

Star Gate Command Dialling Program 

To get either or both games email me at --> [email protected] 

And 2 new up coming EF retexture file are: Andromada Accident (from the TV Program 

And From my other project USS Morning star Retextured 

Both may have up coming Elite force Holomatch maps here are screen shots  

Andromada Accident Mod (you may see some one on the monitors you may recognise) 

USS Morning Star NX 73118 Mod I have used REAL star trek ship models 

Both texture files will be released a few days after this mod 

So Look out for them 

Thanks Chris Edmund 

Some help needed for mapping and making shadier files 

To join Ether or both mods email me at this address --> [email protected] 

Thanks for downloading CHRIS EDMUND 

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