Raw Is War



Three days ago, I picked up GTK Radiant for the first time in almost 3 years. This is the result.

I have always wanted to improve upon my Hazard Team War Zone map, that I created several years ago. That map wasn't especialy very good, but it did make a good 1v1 map, and a good map for a small free for all of about 5 people, with it's enclosed yet open design. This map, as a result, is a lot of fun for you and a friend to play against each other on, on your own little private server if your bored one afternoon.

I feel this map is a large improvement on Hazwar, mostly because (oddly enough) the quality of the textures and brush work I am producing here has gone up. I don't claim this to be the greatest map in the world, but for my standards it's certainly quite good.

This is a faithful reproduction of the "Raw Is War" WW(F)E stage and arena from the "Attitude" era, around 1998 / 1999. The map features the main arena, with Wrestling Ring, TitanTron, backstage production area, locker room, parking lot, and even outside. It even features a small "Byte This!" area backstage, where the weekly WWF webcast "Byte This!" would have been broadcast.

This map is certainly different, and while not nessasarly the best map ever created, not even by a long shot, it is certainly a lot of fun for 1v1 action, and is a must-download for Wrestling fans, particularly of that era.



Over the last 3 years, I have gone from being a newbie in the Elite Force community to being
a Network Administrator for FileFront. Over that time, I've lost what I consider to be my
'roots', a strong feeling for the game that got me to the place I am today. Elite Force.

This map is the first map I have created in over 2 years. It's not especialy good, a 
"foot in the water" type map if you will, however I am pleased with how much of it has turned
out visualy.

This map is a reproduction of a Indoor Arena, based on the Manchester Evening News arena,
configured for a telecast of WWF (WWE) Raw Is War circa 1999. This was during the "Attitude"
era of Wrestling and for me holds many memories, and I always wanted to create a faithful
recreation of this stage, and era in a game in some form or another.

This map contains a lot of backstage and arena area that both Wrestling and Non-Wrestling fans
will enjoy. This map is technically a 1v1 map due to the fact it's not especialy large.

I want to thank World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) For the World Wrestling Federation logo, stage 
design, Raw is War logo. I also want to credit Arch Enemy for the Background Music.

 Other Stuff
- 1v1, Free For All, Tourney Mods
- Bot Support

If you would like to use any of the textures, scripting or music featured in this map, or the map itself
for your own modification or for any other reason, i MUST be contacted first. My e-mail address is
[email protected].

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