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This is one great program. Many of you might now Fragomatics Rcon Commander, well, this is just better. it does the same. you only need the...


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This is one great program. Many of you might now Fragomatics Rcon Commander, well, this is just better. it does the same. you only need the server IP and rcon password and wihout joining the game you can send commands to the server. Also Phenix added some handy buttons of the most used commands. Now you can ban someone by clicking on his name and click BAN. Same with kick. This is now my favority Rcon programme. NOTE: This works on both EF and EF2 servers. (and other Quake 3 engine games)

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Download 'rconunlimitedv1.zip' (2.25MB)

| UberGames: Rcon Unlimited |
| Version: 1.0              |


Rcon Unlimited is designed to be the next generation of remote control of Q3 powered servers. Most Servers admin have heard of (or used) Rcon Commander. This program is designed to be the replacement of Rcon Commander, giving you many more options and abilities.


To install UberGames' Rcon Unlimited, unzip the archive and double click on the setup.exe file.


To use Rcon Unlimited, you must first have a Q3 powered server (or access to one). You will need to have an rcon password set i the server config file. For Q3 powered games this line would be something like:
	set rconPassword "Amazing"

For Q2 powered games you would add this line:
	set rcon_password "Amazing"

Changing "Amazing" to what ever you want you password to be.

Use commands as if you where at the server, and using it. You do not need to type "rcon <password> <command>", just the command! Once you have entered you command just click on send or hit the <enter> key on your keyboard.

Program Information:

Name: Rcon Unlimited
Version: 1.0
By: UberGames
Build Time: 3 Days
Exe Size: 164 Kb
Author: Dominic 'Phenix' Black - [email protected]
Beta Testers: RedTechie, Mickster, Phu, Duo Maxwell, Sn!pe-0 and more :)
Icon / Logo: Sharky
Special Thanks: Goes to Will Lowman, guy who made Rcon Commander. He showed me how it was possible to make a connection to a Quake 3 Server.

Last Words:

If you have any feedback for me, just click the "Submit Feedback" button in the Help menu. This program has been tested on Elite Force and Quake 3. However it should work on all Q3 powered games fully. I am unsure to wheither or not it will work for Q2 games fully, but the main log window and ability to send commands should still function.

All of the options are self explaintary, however if you do require help feel free to email me at [email protected]

Thanks for using Rcon Unlimited!

(c) 2003 Dominic 'Phenix' Black. All rights reserved.

UberGames is in no way related to or affiliated with Raven Software, Nerve, Gray Matter, Id Software, Activision or Ritual. If it causes problems to you PC UberGames cannot and will not be held responsible.

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