Reflexion Station

This map is the first in a series of maps created for the Bomb Diffusion mod for EF1.[...


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This map is the first in a series of maps created for the Bomb Diffusion mod for EF1.

This map has been built with voy1 as a base, with with some nice new textures and all new gameplay. The most obvious difference you will notice is that the bases have been completely reversed (hence the title - Reflexion). Each base now has its rear side facing the other base, with a small wall separating them both. To get over the wall you can use the two jump pads that have been placed for you, or go through the transporters that used to bring you onto the small bunker in what used to be the centre of the map.

To get to the small bunker, which is now next to your bomb base (or flag in ctf mode/qball goal in qball mode) you can enter the transporter next to where the flag used to be in voy1.

Another change you may notice is that the pits have doubled in depth, so now you can safely hide inside them! If you explore enough you will notice they take you to an underground tunnel which connects the two bases and houses a quantum weapon enhancer.

If you are rather unfortunate, you may fall off the side of the map, since it is no longer clipped - look out, it is a long drop. :) Although, that is good since it will give you time to admire the beauty that is a new skybox (check the screenshots).

The map also includes some cool music by the artist of The Matrix's soundtrack, be sure to check it out.

There are also some secrets in the map, but I won't spoil it ;). Oh, and the floor is slightly reflective :P

The map fully supports Bomb Diffusion, CTF, Qball, and most other gametypes.

New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: No

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Download '' (6.97MB)

Reflexion Station
Created by =)^(= Gez
BD_REFLEXION is a remake of CTF_VOY1 with the optimum layout for Bomb Diffusion.
It also fully supports Qball, CTF, THM and HM.

Unzip bd_reflexion.pk3 to your BaseEF directory.
The origin coordinates for the bomb are already set in the arena file included,
and the Qball coordinates are set in the bd_reflexion.cfg included.

About the map
Music by Rob Dougan.
New skybox textures by Mighty Pete.
BSP Compile Time: 494 seconds.

Special Thanks
True Captain


Its all your fault.

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