Relativity RPG

khamseen presents the anticipated RPG Relativity.

Based upon iWantStudios v1 Poseidon A - the USS Relativity is a 28th Century incarnatio...


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khamseen presents the anticipated RPG Relativity.

Based upon iWantStudios v1 Poseidon A - the USS Relativity is a 28th Century incarnation of the Sovereign Class Starship. Created for the HoloFederation Serial RP, Relativity has a new unique feel to it although with some mild influence from the 29th Century TCARS.

While only containing four decks, the Relativity does provide everything you might want to find aboard your Starship; including an Armory, Crew Quarters, Mess hall, both Astrometrics and a Science Lab - as well as the generally expected Bridge, Engineering, Sickbay and Transporter Room.

Relativity is most certainly not just a re-texture though; certain aspects of the map have been altered to better suit the 28th Century feel of the Sovereign Class and to draw it further away from the Enterprise-E styled interior. An example being the corridors, which while they maintain the overall shape - they are of a slightly different design and enhance the new map feel. Relativity also adds a few new items and entities around the map, one of which being an additional desk and console in Sickbay. In turn giving Medical Staff have more to do than scanning other players.

Also included are RPG-X introduced features such as the give entities and location entities, the latter of which are viewable from the TAB screen and can be used as Transport markers.

Overall this is an interesting and entertaining re-work which truly is worth your time - and comes to you as a highly recommended download.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


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Download '' (25.91MB)

U.S.S. Relativity Beta 2

By Khamseen


Simply extract the PK3 from the zip and place it in the RPG-X2 folder (not the Base EF folder)
Default location 'C:Program FilesRavenStar Trek Voyager Elite ForceRPX-X2'


You require Elite Force 1 with the RPG-X2.1 Mod installed.


The map makes use of several features brought to us by the RPG-X MOD.
Location Entities - Every room and corridor is listed with locations for the menu and beam in points for admins.
Give Entities - Every replicator on board is equiped to give and take your coffee mug to add to the realism.
              - Phasers and Rifles can be collected and returned to the weapons racks in the Armoury.
              - The Toolkit and Hypospanner can be collected and returned in Engineering.
              - Medkit and Hypospray are available in Sickbay, Engineering and the jeffries tube at the back of the bridge.
              - Dermal regenerators avaialble in Sickbay.

Added Slipstream functionality as well as the warp effects.


Please don't release any part of this map or redistribute it without prior permission from myself and with this Read Me included along with your own.


Original textures were created by Will and Ant or their respective designers for the Poseidon A map.

New textures have been created by myself, Johnathan Kent, Ryan Murray, Hummel, Vaurek and Admiral Hocking.

If I have missed credit to any texture or other map feature then please contact me as it is merely an oversight and I would be happy to acknowledge you or remove the texture if you prefer.


Ravensoft: Elite Force
RPG-X Team: The RPG-X2 Mod
Will and Ant: For the original map and permission to modify and release it
Redragon: Runabout model in shuttle bay (Modified by Kathryn Shaufer)

Contact Me

If for any reason you wish to contact me pertaining to the map feel free to email me at khamseen_air @ hotmail . com

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