Reservoir Gamma Two

This is actually two maps that are almost exactly the same. The only difference I noticed is the location of the flag. Either way, I was dis...


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This is actually two maps that are almost exactly the same. The only difference I noticed is the location of the flag. Either way, I was disappointed with this map. The gameplay is rather slow, with your options on routes to the flag quite limited. With all the sniping spots, it get the feeling it's better suited to Team Deathmatch.

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|	Reservoir Gamma Two	   |
|	   By: {SFEF}Jake	   |


To install, extract the .PK3 file from the
zip file. then place the .PK3 file 
named RG2 in your BaseEF folder.
Now you have two diffrent .BSP maps to
pick from when playing or running on a
server. One of the maps is a simplfyed 
version of the other, and the other one 
is a little harder to capture the flag.
The file names are:


Once installed, play a single player game 
like you normaly would.

I suggest you play both maps on single
player mode, and decide which one you like
the best. These maps do NOT support bots,
there is too many ladders for a .AAS file.
sorry guys, but who likes playing dumb bots 


This map is designed for a very large number
of people, so when you want to play it call up
a bunch of your buddys.


This map houses a bunch of secrets to find
that either give you a tactical advantage,
or get you killed, HAHA. A few things I 
would like to mention is that there is a
invisable floor around some portions of the map, 
that is NOT a flaw or hole in the map, I designed
it with a purpose! So dont get your panies in
a bounch and start screaming an yallin at
people about it! There is some places where
the heavy in spec can jump on top of some
hanging lights, This is too is NOT a flaw,
there are other spots that all other classes
can get on to a limited number of lights,
now if your asking me what I'm talking 
about, then go play the map for a while.

I'm not even going to worrie about people 
/DEVMAPing the maps, I have created it 
with stupid people like that in mind. running
through the entire map will not reveil any true
secrets even though it may look like it does. 
Try finding, and getting to the places on a 
administered server!

I also ask if your going to host this map on
any servers you may run that you send me an Email
just for my own record keeping and tracking of the
maps popularity. Note: this is not manditory but 
is appreciated.


This map is automatically Copyright 2003-2004
to me (Jacob C Kulak)
under US and international copyright laws. 
Any other files not created by me are property
of there respective owner.
all rights reserved.

This includes decompiling of the .BSP file
and trust me when I say,
I need the money.

{SFEF}Sharky[R]: Beta Tester, compileing


If you have any questions, comments, or
requests please E-Mail me at:

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