REV Voy2

Rev Voy2 is a Reverse CTF map. Meaning that the red players start off in the blue base, and the blue players in the red base (flags stay in...


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Rev Voy2 is a Reverse CTF map. Meaning that the red players start off in the blue base, and the blue players in the red base (flags stay in their own bases). The objective is now.. well.. reversed :D Each team must grab the enemy flag and attempt to cap it in the other base.

Quite an interesting idea, though I only played with bots(who played normally) it seemed like something fun. I hope this makes it to a server.. it's a small change, but I'd like to see how different it really makes the game :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Models: No

(I couldn't really rate the map much considering it's almost the same ctf_voy2 map by Raven)

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REV_VOY2 - Reverse CTF Map for Elite Force 1

Revision 1.00 - Build C - 22nd August 2003 - Compile Time: 1 Hour 57 Minutes
For maps + info:
(c) Lady Sarah 2003 -      email:        website:
A special hello to................  Legswideopen,   VampireHB,     [EVIL]Dr. Chaos,    [MAC]CzechChic

This is the Reverse CTF conversion of CTF_VOY2 (Beta Station).
This is the second Reverse CTF created!

Unzip the PK3 file and put it in your BASEEF folder. You can run the map from EF either by selecting manually from the Holomatch Match creation menus, or by typing /MAP REV_VOY1 in the EF console. Alternatively, just connect to a server running this map!

3. FAQ

What is it?
Reverse CTF is a new way of playing CTF games. Basically, players start in the enemy base instead of their own. This introduces a new challenge, as teams will have to work differently to capture their flags, and employ new tactics.

Who invented it?
Lady Sarah - the webmistress of the website.

Is it a MOD?
No - these are specially converted maps which will work on all versions of EF1.

What do I need to play it?
All you need is the reverse CTF maps - available from this page and other EF websites, and a server (or you can play on your own).

I can put it on my server?
YES - Please do. Treat this as a normal map - you DON'T need any special MOD or files installed. Add it in to your normal rotation. Please let me know if you put it on your server, so I can add you to the hall of fame on the Reverse CTF page on the website :)!

Will it run in EF2?
Not yet - since there are few maps available in EF2, the time isn't right to bring it out.

Can I use it in Deathmatch?
Yes - these maps will operate normally under Deathmatch, and will function in Reverse in Team matches. Since bases are of little consequence in matches other than CTF, there is no change in playing style/tactics required.

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