Arron_Dominion brings us the first potential role-playing map for Elite Force one in quite some time, although currently only in a beta sta...


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Arron_Dominion brings us the first potential role-playing map for Elite Force one in quite some time, although currently only in a beta stage the map has a good basic structure and will no doubt eventually be a popular map.

When you first load up the level, as with most other RPG maps, you begin in the transporter room which has clearly taken inspiration from the transporter room of Voyager. Interestingly instead of having the transporter controls as traditionally in front of the transporter pad itself, this map places them just to the side, which I found to be a rather interesting prospect.

From the transporter room you can then move on and access some other partially mapped rooms, included a conference hall and a sickbay. I found the most interesting area to be the obstacle course, with a number of different areas that can be accessed via independent transporters.

While at the moment rather "blocky," the map is only in a beta stage and some work still needs to be done before completion. Overall this is a nice taste of how this map may turn out and is worth a download if you would like to experience the mid-development mapping stage.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


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Download 'rpg_ctf_battletactic_beta1.zip' (1.48MB)

Readme File:
Filefront User Name: Arron_Dominion (and yes including the _)
Description: A rpg version of battletactic2 in progress.  I decided to release a public beta of what I have so far, open to feedback.  The doors are the only problem child, that was really noticeable, so please give suggestions other than the blasted doors.
>Extract contents
>>Open C: or drive with EF1
>>>Open Program Files
>>>>Open Raven
>>>>>Open Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
>>>>>>Open BaseEF
>>>>>>>Put the .pk3 in the BaseEF

To Run:
>type /map rpg_ctf_battletactic2_beta1

Known Bug:
>Doors don't open on que, so if feedback is given, not on that please lol.
>Might notice that in the live fire area, that you are blocked from going any further while crouching, well jump your way to the other side, until it is fixed lol.
>The plant in the dean office is quite annoying, it has even blocked walk to the other side, jump is useful here too.


This has been tested so any damage will not be my fault. Please don't sell or re-make this map without my consent.

Elite Force and its expansion. Some EF1 prefabs were taken from ctf_breach or something like that..?? So thanks raven for the .maps so they could be derived.
and original beta testers.
Gigon for his replicator prefab.

Beta Testers(of private beta):
>Nate Hopkins

Contact Info:
xfire = ajdominion
AIM = Arron Dominion
MSNM = dominion@brtc.net
email = dominion@brtc.net


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