RPG CTF Battletactic2

Arron_Dominion returns with the second beta for his RPG CTF Battletactic 2.

It has been just over a year since the first beta, so...


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Arron_Dominion returns with the second beta for his RPG CTF Battletactic 2.

It has been just over a year since the first beta, so I cannot honestly tell you what I can see to have changed. To combat this expectation though, the author has provided a list of sorts - to provide you with an overview of what is on each of the three decks.

Deck 1 includes a Ready Room, Station OPS, Briefing Room, Shuttlebay, Fighter Hangar Bay, Science Lab, and the Turbolift Lobby. Deck 2 includes Messhall, Crew Quarters, Armory and Officer Quarters. Deck 3, featured in the last beta, includes Sickbay, Transporter Room(main spawn), Obstacle Course, Hand-to-Hand Training/Simulation Entrance Lobby, Assembly Room, Dean's Office. This is a radically different version than the last. The sickbay is more filled out, instead of the empty look of the old version. Also, I believe the Hand-to-Hand Training center was not in the last version.

As with the previous beta; this map is still on the blocky side and a little lacking in variety of shape and size. However, with a fair bit of work it has quite a lot of potential and really could be a truly interesting map.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


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Download 'rpgx2_ctf_battletactic2_beta2.zip' (5.85MB)

Readme File:
Filefront User Name: Arron_Dominion (and yes including the _)
Description: A rpg version of battletactic2 in progress.  I decided to release a public beta of what I have so far, open to feedback.  The armory is one of the problem areas, not everything does what I want it to, such as the targets.  Also, the first deck doesn't have many usables as the other decks, so keep this in mind.  It is fully mapped out though, and I hope that people like what it is as of the moment.
>Extract contents
>>Open C: or drive with EF1
>>>Open Program Files
>>>>Open Raven
>>>>>Open Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
>>>>>>Open BaseEF
>>>>>>>Put the .pk3 in the BaseEF

To Run:
>type /map rpgx2_ctf_battletactic2

Known Bug:
>Doors don't open on que, so if feedback is given, not on that please lol.
>Might notice that in the live fire area, that you are blocked from going any further while crouching, well jump your way to the other side, until it is fixed lol.
>The plant in the dean office is quite annoying, it has even blocked walk to the other side, jump is useful here too.


This has been tested so any damage will not be my fault. Please don't sell or re-make this map without my consent.

Elite Force and its expansion. Some EF1 prefabs were taken from ctf_breach or something like that..?? So thanks raven for the .maps so they could be derived.
and original beta testers.
Gigon for his replicator prefab.
Khamasen, Infinity and others for mapping help.

Beta Testers(of private beta before beta1):
>Nate Hopkins

Other Beta's Beta Testers:
>Smyth Wesson

Contact Info:
xfire = ajdominion

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