RPG Defiant

rpo_defiant_1b.rar —


After the good-feed backed USS-Maine Release in May I felt confident that there was no lack in skill left but it wasn't until the need for a Defiant-Class-Map rose in my RP-group that I started working on this again starting at zero.This is what I did with the map before I started working on the corridor-layout. Not all the features of the final product are included yet but Warp, Turbolift and alert got their needed Upgrade.The Mapname stands in Tradition with all Defiant-Maps released so far.I hope to be able to release the final Product by New Years eve but no Promises.Have funHarry[/quote]So. Yes. Another Defiant map. Don't forget that you need a lot of previous maps installed for all the textures and so forth. Not that you'd forget that.


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