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Well Ladies and Gentlemen, you've been waiting a very long time for the next version of this map, and I promise you, it does not dis...


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Well Ladies and Gentlemen, you've been waiting a very long time for the next version of this map, and I promise you, it does not disappoint! This is RPG Voyager (Beta 2) from the aptly named mapper AdkathrynJaneway. Remember that surge of excitement you got eight years ago when you first walked around Voyager's decks in SP? Well you are about to get that all over again. This really is the way the USS Voyager was meant to be seen.

The beta includes five decks from the ship (not including Decks 2, 3 or 5, so you'll have to wait for the Mess Hall, Quarters and Sickbay), with the Bridge, Cargo Bay 2, Astrometrics, Engineering, a fully canon shuttlebay, brig, Deck 15 and more obscure areas that will just make your experience all the better like a great Science Lab. First of all, I'll talk about the map itself: The brushwork is excellent. There were no overlapping textures that I could see, the textures themselves are very high quality, and if you go to the Shuttlebay (or any corridor for that matter) you'll see what I mean. There was one case of a missing door on Deck 8, however. In terms of useable features, you have all the basic controls like warp and weapons and red alert, but also new buttons to experiment with such as a very stylish warp core eject, self destruct / abandon ship alerts (admins only), a special Borg Cube attack, and the classic Intrepid-class ability to land on a planet. You'll even see the landscape outside!

I found it very hard to find things wrong with this map. Aside from the obvious lack of some key decks, the only things I can complain about are the rather dark lighting, the random spawn points due to a lack of Transporter room, and the fact the Holodeck is a bit small at the moment, although I suspect all this will be cleared up in the next version.

Anyway, this is still, by no means a map just for show! Beam on over to the Federation starship USS Voyager and get some good roleplaying done!

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)

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Download 'ussvoyagerbeta2.rar' (85.1MB)

USS Voyager RPG Beta 2 (AdKathrynJaneway)

This is a long due update to my very first map which I released nearly 2 years ago. The first difference is obviously the graphics, then there is the fact that I examined all the references I was able to get a hold of to map everything as canon as I could. There are a few decks included in this Beta, hopefully with more being added to a future release. The new textures have been compiled from different people, all of whom are excellent when it comes to trek related work. One final note this map shouldn't cause damage to your computer or overwrite anything. I want to thank everyone for all the support and help throughout mapping this and I hope that at least some people find this fun! If you wish to make any comments I have a thread in the mapping corner at www.rpg-x.net. Peace!

Most features of RPG-X2 are present and a couple of the functions are admin only access, these are Self Destruct and Abandon Ship. They do nothing to the actual map yet but add something a little extra. The switches for these are placed over the Escape pod hatch outside the Ready Room windows. I couldn't think of another place that was easy to find yet restricted. They are both over the furthest away pod cover, with Self Destruct over the number 1 and Abandon Ship over the number 8, there is a method behind my madness even if it isn't evident! It does take a few seconds for the abandon ship alarm to go off, be patient!

Known Bugs: 

The textures on the astrometrics side panels are back to front, realised after compiling, this shall be adressed at a later date.
There are some spaces between the lift brushes, they look fine in editor so I will have another look at those.
A brush on the ladder of Deck 8 port Jefferies tube is funny, a couple of sides aren't drawn, this is probably just a stupid mistake made by me.
Some of the model textures override the originals, this will be fixed at a later date also.
I don't think there are anymore errors, if there are please feel free to email me!

Install: Place .pk3 into the baseef directory and load by typing /map ussvoyager into the in game console

Credits: A lot of the textures, some of the scripting and some of the models are from different sources including myself, along with a couple of map structures. I will list all the people involved and if anyone wishes to use any of the elements in this file then please contact me or the relevant people. Please DO NOT redistribute or use these elements without permission, its illegal and very rude. Thanks! I want to also say a big thanks to everyone who has allowed me to use their amazing work! Everyone from the Bridge Commander community, RPG-X.net and EFFiles.com. Thanks also to my beta testers, Callum, Slayer, Marcin and lastly my design consultant :p Scooter. 

		      Mark Ward at 3rd era, Bridge Commander community - (Bridge Textures) http://bc-central.com/forums/index.php
		      Scooter (RPG-X, EFfiles) - rpg-x.net,(various Model and ship Textures taken from his Canon Mod) http://eliteforce2.filefront.com/file/Scooters_Canon_Mod;87928
	                         Explorer - explorermedia.net (Various ship textures and LCARS from the cancelled Star Trek Voyager COI Mod for EF2) http://eliteforce2.filefront.com/file/STVCOI_Teaser_Map_File;75345
		      Me, - AdmiralKathrynJanewayathotmaildotcodotuk (Various Textures and mapping from this map :P)
	                        Seven of Nine for the amazing models - exitatrogersdotcom / s7o_nineathotmaildotcom (Voyager Computer and WorkStation Models) http://eliteforce2.filefront.com/file/STVCOI_Teaser_Map_File;75345
		     GSO01- rpg-x.net (Warp/Core Script) gsio01ataoldotcom

Also to Raven and Activision for the amazing game, and of course paramount for the awesomness that is trek. Oh and some might have heard of a guy named Gene Roddenberry, one of the most creative revolutionary people of our time I thank him for this amazing universe and all who have sailed in her!

Disclaimer:- all copyrights relating to the game, television/movie franchise are respected and no rights are infringed upon.

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