Ok, well it is true this is the offical RPG-X mod release.

My team and I have been developing it since November 2003. In that time we've...


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Ok, well it is true this is the offical RPG-X mod release.

My team and I have been developing it since November 2003. In that time we've programed over eighty three thousand six hundred lines of code and have over 500 megabytes of just for the model's source. So as you can imagin it has been a long hard slog for all of us.

I would like to thank the entire team for helping in this project to improve the quaility of Elite Force roleplaying and we believe that we've got that, although we admit that it was a disapointment when we found out the model system could not be done without the source code to the holomatch exe, however it was a bigger disapointment when ID Software delayed the release of the source because some company brought a lience for the Q3 engine in late December 2004.

We know there are a few bugs but we've all been really busy so there will be small patches in the up coming months when we get time.

In this file we have included the following maps: rpg_posiedon This is the Posiedon B! Check out the tatical console with all it's different alert status.

rpg_runabout An interactive runabout map where you can go outside into space, but first go into the room with all the clothes and use them, you should notice a sign saying you have put on an EVA suit - now you can surive outside in space! This map is a techonolgoy test of all of RPG-X's new mapping entities so the .map file has been included inside the pk3 file.

rpg_chambers This map is the very first map for RPG-X and is our version of a court room / meeting area.

Also included are a ton, and I mean a ton of new player models have been added. These models have had their animations changed around so instead of craching you will now sit and you also will not long "bounce" up and down. These models have the prefix "rpgx_" on them.

Finnaly I just want to say I hope you enjoy our little contrubtion to the Elite Force community ;)

The offical RPG-X server is up and running: opx.sfef.net:27019

- Phenix Project Lead for RPG-X

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Download 'rpgx_1.0.1.zip' (92.96MB)

| RPG-X 1.0.1          |
| Released: 05/04/05 |

File Info:

So we've been making this mod since November 2003; so finally we've
finished it!

For more information on the RPG-X mod please visit our forums at
http://ef.rpg-x.net or our group site, when it's finished; 

Install Guide:

To install the RPG-X onto your computer create extract the contents of this
zip file to your "Star Trek Voyager Elite Force" folder (defaultly
C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\ ) - Please note that 
this is not the BaseEF Directory!.

In that folder you should now have rpg-x_pak0.pk3, description.txt and
readme.txt. Load up Elite Force and in the mod's menu find "RPG-X 1.0",
select it and click on Load Mod.

Welcome to the RPG-X Mod!


Pentium 4 1GHz
256mb RAM
94mb free harddisk space
We are aware that these requirements are far above the specs for the original
Elite Force game, but there is a very good reason why the MOD requires more.
Firstly, we are using extremely detailed textures and models which take up a
lot of memory, and our architecture is more complex than that of the original

Legal Stuff:
All assets used in this file are copyrighted to the RPG-X Mod or their
orignal creators, any use of these; used without express permission from
the creators is forbidden. The RPG-X Mod is not responisble for any damage
this may cause. Its always good pratice to scan for virsus's first before
running a file!

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