Well... here it finally is; A whole two and a half years since the last version: RPG-X Version 2.0!

Without any bias, I think I can safel...


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Well... here it finally is; A whole two and a half years since the last version: RPG-X Version 2.0!

Without any bias, I think I can safely say that this is the most sophisticated mod for Star Trek Voyager Elite Force to date. It features significant revamps, not just to the features that were in RPG-X v1.1, but also a lot more has been done to EF's core as well.

Some noteworthy features include:

  • A completely re-written player model loader
  • A new set of player models, now radically modified
  • Far more advanced player animations, now with full body dynamics
  • A full emote system to allow much more interactive scenes
  • A facial animation system based off of EF SP
  • Customisable ranks that appear on player models
  • Server customisable classes
  • Star Trek Voyager style transportation sequence
  • Heavily reworked menu system, making interacting with the mod MUCH easier
  • A few more revamped weapons
  • A much more enhanced third person view mode
  • A turbolift system for maps
  • Added special effects like explosions and steam
  • Added German and Dutch language support

A HUGE thanks should go to James Monroe and Kenn Hoekstra of Ravensoft. Had they not helped us by providing EF's original model files and the MDR compiler, a lot of this would not have been possible.

It's been a pretty crazy two years. A lot of work has gone into this thing. Several thousand lines of new code, a completely new set of models, revamping the older maps to use the new entities, and beta testing the living heck of it just to name a few. We hope our hard work has paid off and that you will enjoy playing the new RPG-X mod.

We're expecting to continue developing and releasing content like newer player models and more maps, so stay tuned!

There are two maps included with this release, both of them are updated versions from the orignal version of the mod with new features;

  • rpg_poseidon_b
  • rpg_runabout

For information about the mod visit our wiki at http://www.rpg-x.net/wiki or our forums at http://www.rpg-x.net

If you want to report any bugs or suggest new features visit the Bug Tracker at http://bugs.rpg-x.net.

Join the official RPG-X 2 server: torchwood.rpg-x.net

For now, get downloading, and enjoy!!


2 versions have been released: an installer (EXE) and a zipped (ZIP) version.

For users operating Windows, it is recommended you download and use the installer version. It is much better compressed, and the installer can automate setting up all of the correct directories, ensuring the mod will work straight away.

For those operating other systems such as Mac or Linux, the same set of files are in the ZIP file, with installation instructions in the ReadMe.


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Download 'ubergames_rpgx2.zip' (109.47MB)

RPG-X 2.0 By UberGames
September 2007

"Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of Starfleet's
finest. Their continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,
to seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go where no
one has gone before..."

File Info:

It's taken over a year, but it's finally complete. The next official
version of RPG-X: version 2.0.
Without a doubt, it can easily be said this is the most feature packed,
and most advanced mod for Star Trek Voyager Elite Force with over a few
thousand lines of code changes, and a complete revamp of several core EF

Some of the new features include:

-More advanced, fluid character animations and poses
-Character emotes
-Facial animation
-Character info customizability 
-Advanced admin functionality
-Additional visual effects
-More interactive maps
-General revamp of many features that were present in v1.1

The mod has almost literally been re-engineered from the ground up, 
meaning a lot of content that was used in the old version has become 
obsolete, hence the designation of '2.0'. This also means that this mod
is completely separate from the previous version of RPG-X.

A lot of effort has gone into this mod and on the behalf of many people, 
it is hoped it will be well enjoyed.

For more information on the RPG-X mod, including discussions and gameplay,
please visit http://ef.rpg-x.net

Install Guide:


-Installer Instructions (Windows Only):
Run the installer EXE file that was included with this ReadMe.
The installer has been set up to automatically detect all relevant
settings (such as Elite Force's directory location) and install
the mod in the most efficient way possible.

-ZIP Instructions:
Simply extract the contents to your 'Star Trek Voyager Elite Force'
directory (NB: NOT BaseEF, but the directory above it).
Upon successful extraction, there should be a folder named 'RPG-X2'
in the Elite Force directory (Again, not BaseEF itself) which will 
contain all of the PK3 files concerning the mod

NB: As many messages were receieved from the previous mod on this topic,
it will be repeated once more. Please ensure all of the files are placed
in a folder labeled 'RPG-X2' in the Elite Force directory, NOT BaseEF itself.
Any attempt to extract these files into BaseEF could lead to EF itself
ceasing to function as it would overwrite several EF critical files.

--Starting the game--

If the installer was used, there should be shortcuts to the mod installed
alongside it. Simply open one of these.

Conversely, an automatic .BAT file linking to Elite Force, with the argument
"+set fs_game RPG-X2" can be used as well.

Finally, the mod can be loaded by starting up EF as normal, and then loading
RPG-X through the game's mods menu. Please note this isn't recommended as it
does cause glitchs in the game's configuration and engine sound code.

For more information on how to use the mod, please visit the RPG-X Wiki at
http://www.rpg-x.net/wiki/. This Wiki is constantly being updated to 
include more and more information on how to use the features contained
in the mod.


Elite Force v1.2
1GHz Processor 
110MB of free hard disk space
32MB OpenGL Compliant Video Card

Please note that these requirements are based on educated guesses made
off of the hardware that was used to build and test this mod.
Also, please be aware that some roleplay maps may require systems which 
are way in advance of these specifications.

Legal Notice:
All assets used in this file are copyrighted to the RPG-X Mod and/or their
original creators. Any external use of these assets without explicit permission 
from their original creators is not allowed. 
The RPG-X Mod and its creators cannot be held accountable for any damage that
may have been caused by playing the game.

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