RPG-X Patch 1.0 To 1.1

This is an update to RPG-X.

It contains serval bug fixes, the correct posideon map and they added a map which was ment to be release in t...


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File Description

This is an update to RPG-X.

It contains serval bug fixes, the correct posideon map and they added a map which was ment to be release in the last release (rpg_party). Also apparantly after n00bing problems on a lot of RPG-X based servers each weapon has had its damaged drasticly lowered so 1 shot does not mean a kill and a new feature has been added which will kick you from a server if you kill other players X ammount of times when not admin

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Download 'rpgx_patch_1.0_to_1.1.zip' (4.49MB)

| RPG-X 1.1          |
| Released: 06/04/05 |

File Info:

This is the first patch for the RPG-X mod the change log is as follows:

New Feature: Auto kick n00bs
Cvars; rpg_kickAfterXkills

When somebody not in admin class or logged in as an admin kills another player
he will be moved into the n00b class for 10 seconds, then moved back into the
class he/she was already in. After they have killed X players they will be
kicked from the server. Change rpg_kickAfterXkills to 0 to disable kicking.
Default is 2 (1 warning, then kick)

This feature can also be called by an admin /n00b [Player Num] [Time in Seconds]

Bug Fixes:

CORRECT version of the rpg_posideon_b map added.

"CR Unkown Command" Fixed. Now when you connect to a server it puts you in the
class and gives you the rank you selected in the main menu

German / French Dat file pharse error.

Credits Menu updated.

Zoom bug when not marine or admin fixed.

New Map:

This was ment to be the Release party map but we forgot to include it in last nights

Install Guide:

To install the RPG-X onto your computer create extract the contents of this
zip file to your RPG-X folder (defaultly
C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\RPG-X ) - Please note that 
this is not the BaseEF Directory!.

In that folder you should now have rpgx_pak0.pk3, rpgx_pak1.pk3, description.txt and
readme.txt. Load up Elite Force and in the mod's menu find "RPG-X 1.1",
select it and click on Load Mod.

Welcome to the RPG-X Mod!


Pentium 4 1GHz
256mb RAM
99mb free harddisk space

We are aware that these requirements are far above the specs for the original
Elite Force game, but there is a very good reason why the MOD requires more.
Firstly, we are using extremely detailed textures and models which take up a
lot of memory, and our architecture is more complex than that of the original

Legal Stuff:
All assets used in this file are copyrighted to the RPG-X Mod or their
orignal creators, any use of these; used without express permission from
the creators is forbidden. The RPG-X Mod is not responisble for any damage
this may cause. Its always good pratice to scan for virsus's first before
running a file!

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