RPG-X Teaser

Here is a teaser for the upcoming RPG-X mod.


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Here is a teaser for the upcoming RPG-X mod.

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| RPG-X  Teaser    |
| Released 13/4/04 |

File Info

Here's a little sneak at the new RPG-X mod. Enjoy.

For more information on the RPG-X mod please visit our website,
http://www.rpg-x.net and/or our forums, http://forums.rpg-x.net.

Quick Update On The Status of the Mod:

The new player model system is around 20% completed, a lot of
hard work is going into this.

Some features are fully operational, others are still theoratial.

Legal Stuff:
All images are copyrighted to the RPG-X Mod, any use of these images
without express permission from the mod team is forbidden. The RPG-X
Mod is NOT responisble for any damage this may caused. Its always good
pratice to scan for virsus's first before running a file!

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