RPG-X Teaser 2

The second little teaser to the upcoming and highly aticipated mod...


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The second little teaser to the upcoming and highly aticipated mod...

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| RPG-X  Teaser 2  |
| Released 30/5/04 |

File Info

Here's another sneak peak at our upcoming mod. And it isnt a
flash movie this time ;-).

For more information on the RPG-X mod please visit our website,
http://www.rpg-x.net and/or our forums, http://forums.rpg-x.net.

Quick Update On The Status of the Mod:

The new player model system is around 20% completed. Work on this
has been temporary suspended while we work on other features for
the public preview.

The OUMS (Online User Management System) is currently being
contructed. We are working on TCP/IP proticals for Elite Force
seeing as we cannot access the ones inside the exe. The OUMS is
the replacement for the OBCS (Online Ban Control System) but it
also includes other features, not just for admin groups.

However most mod work is on hold for 3 or 4 weeks due to A-Level
exams for Phenix and Jason2Jason (jason is the best coder we have)
TiM has University exams coming up also. But dont worry the rest of
us are working hard as ever getting ready for that public review.

Some features are fully operational, others are still theoratial.

Legal Stuff:
All images are copyrighted to the RPG-X Mod, any use of these images
without express permission from the mod team is forbidden. Mesh by
Ralph Schoberth. The RPG-X Mod is not responisble for any damage
this may caused. Its always good pratice to scan for virsus's first
before running a file!

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