We have a brand new addition for Elite Force 1 roleplayers today, as promised in a news item earlier this week. Its Jonathan Kent's RPG-XteX! Lets hear from the modder himself on what this is all about:

RPG-XteX was born almost a year ago. It started when I realized I disliked the carpet and door colors on the Poseidon-B. From there it snowballed into a mod designed to impart a more post-nemesis but pre-endgame feel to RPG-X. Along the way I did my best to enhance or rework low resolution stock textures that show through. In recent months as I took up the mod again, I also decided to make customization paks to allow SRP admins, interested users, and machinima makers to have a more diverse and interchangeable experience. Several 'Beta' versions were released once upon a time when I was more a part of the role play community. If you have one of these, delete it. it will interfere with this new version and its also inferior to this new version. After months of intensive labor with paint.net, audacity sound editor, and seven point two million raktajinos, I give you RPG-XteX.

The readme contains two sections you MUST read; 1; the quickstart. your ESSENTIAL ticket to getting started. If you dont read this section the pakled fairy will make it broken. And put you far from home. 2; the credits/legalese. If you dont read this part the Ferengi fairy will revoke your profits. Consider yourself warned on both accounts.

Lastly, before I offer this up for mass consumption, I also recommend you play around with the customization paks. They are at least a third of the work in this mod and they can do alot for your experience. Enjoy and Engage!

Now, this won't be for everyone, and is essentially a TON of re-textures that you can mix and match. There are several versions of Poseidon-B to choose from. Dark and dramatic? Or would you prefer the lighter tones of a medical ship? Its up to you. You can also walk around an Atlantis-style Starbase Modas. The thing that really makes this stand out, though, are the transporters. There is EVERYTHING here. You can swap between files that change the transporter effect from a classic Original Series style to a Borg effect to a Klingon beam that looks as if its painfully ripping your body apart. For those interested in making videos, theres everything you could ever need here. If you are a player on the other hand, just pick your favourite new transporter effect, your favourite ship re-texture, a colourful space background skybox, any new skins you want, chuck them into your RPG-X 2 folder and away you go!

Great work here from Jonathan Kent, and just to dispell any nasty rumours: XteX isn't "evil"! :D

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)



=/= READ FIRST =/=

This package is designed as a textural enhacement for RPG-X.
It imparts a post-nemesis but pre-endgame feel to RPG-X by enhancing textures, GFX, and sounds.

If you want to start enjoying it, all you have to do is copy the ZZRPG-XteX.pk3 from this folder
into your **RPG-X** directory! NOTE this will **NOT** work in the BaseEF folder *only* 
the **RPG-X** folder!

This goes for **ALL** the customization pk3s in this package as well.

This is indeed a BIG readme, but this is a BIG mod representing months of intensive work.
The least you can do is read it all, especially the credits and legalese.

(/) Contents (/)

1. Basic Use
2. Changelog
3. Customization paks
4. Credits/Legalese etc

(Please read 1,2, & 4 before doing ANYTHING, 3 is reccomended if you want the full experience)

=/= Basic use =/=

*copy the ZZRPG-XteX.pk3 to the RPG-X folder.
Please note; this is all that it required to get the basic RPG-XteX experience, but it is 
reccomended that you experiment with the customization paks described below

=/= Changelog =/=

*Converts the transporter effect and sound to a nemesis era one.
*enhances stock uniforms, stock combadges, some stock sounds, and some stock equipment.
*Enhances stock rpg-x textures for the Poseidon-B, Atlantis, and Runabout maps.
*Enhances some stock EF textures that show through in some maps.
*Changes the Poseidon-B to a Vivace class and the Atlantis to a Century class.
*Changes NH_STmodas/STCOM (Also called starfighter command) to the same feel as the Atlantis and Pos-B. 
(Station Modas/STCOM map & any applicable patches are required to experience this aspect)

(NOTE; This part of the retex is a separate pk3 in the customizations folder, I respect the hard work the
devs of Nh_Stmodas did, and dont want to limit you to my retex.)

=/= Customization paks =/=

1 (Custa-what?); 
The customization paks are designed to allow you greater freedom in your role play or machinima.
Originally designed with machinima makers or serial role plays in mind, I'm giving them to the 
community in the most user-friendly manner I know.

2 (Gimmie!);
To use them, open the "customization paks" folder.
Inside are 5 subfolders. Inside the subfolders are more subfolders and paks.
To use any pak, simply place it in the RPG-X folder.
NOT the BaseEF folder. That cant be stressed enough. ;)

PLEASE NOTE; only ONE pak from each subfolder can be used at a time.

IE, if you have "zzzzzTRANborg.pk3" and "zzzzzTRANrom.pk3" in the RPG-X folder at the same time, 
you will only see the borg transporter effect because it carries higher alphabetical preference. 
remove the borg pak, THEN add the romulan pak, rather than just sitcking both in.


--1; "Hazard uniform replacements"; 
contains two paks, zzzEVA-Haz and zzzNEM-Haz.
----EVA will turn your hazard uniforms into approximations of the voyager/first contact EVA suits.
----NEM will turn your hazard uniforms into approximations of the EF-II Hazard suits.

--2; "Starfields"; 
Contains multiple skybox replacements.
Divided into 2 subfolders, "Atlantis" and "Common" as this indicates, you can choose each independant of the other. 
(IE, Atlantis might have the junk sky and the common skybox might have the blue nebulae at the same time)

--3; "Pre-ENDG-Tackon"; 
changes all instances of the commbadge, including LCARS, to be the endgame combadge. 
Does NOT change any uniforms, just their badges.
This is just a way of letting you jump to a more post-nem/pre-endgame era. 
I like the commbadge, so I figured "what the heck"

--4; "Transporters"; 
(my favorite) this will be VERY useful for machinima makers. 
This lets you pick any one of several different transporter/holodeck/cloak shimmer effects for the transporters. 
My only regeret is that you can only use them one at a time.

The subfolder names mostly speak for themselves, but just a couple notes, 
the original voyager style transporter is included under VOY, the 29th century and 29th century imperial transporters 
are NOT the ones seen in the voyager episode relativity, THAT effect is contained in the folder marked "relativity"
"holo" is a generic hologram/cloaking effect for all you romulan agents or EMHs out there ;)

They arent 100% cannon, but the way the transporter effect works places certain limits on what I can do. 
Please bear with me on that.

--5; "Carpets";
For those who dislike the basic RPG-XteX carpet color schemes, there are several carpet color change paks.
They are divided into Atlantis and Poseidon subfolders.
They are named based on primary-secondary color.
IE Beige-Red contains carpet that is mostly beige with red trimming.

=/= Credits =/=

*Original RPG-X mod was made by the RPG-X mod team
USS Atlantis, Runabout, and Poseidon-B were made by Will & Ant.

*New Hope Station Modas/STCOM can be found at EFFiles and is made by SciSeven

*Some textures are simply recolors of original RPG-X material, so full credit doesn't belong to me, 
I just improved on already great work.
**LCARS are based off of their originals
**Carpets and wall textures are based on their originals

*Some textures are my own home brew so to speak.

*Transporters, with the exception of the stock voyager one and the sounds for the nemesis and tng ones, were made entirely by me.

*Customizeable skyboxes; also by me.

*New Combadges; also by yours truly.

*New Hazard uniform replacements/Stock uniform & equipment enhancements; me improving on stock work.

*Vivace class and Century class were made by DJcurtis for Bridge Commander, 
you can find these EXCELLENT ships at BCfiles.com
I reccomend them!

NOTE; I brought NOTHING into RPG-X from an outside source except my own work to my knowledge.
Anything that is only partially my work was entirely based from RPG-X material.
If you find this to be an erroneous statement please contact me.

ALSO NOTE; If you find a major bug, please calmly notify me. Do not expect anything to be done until it can
be confirmed that this bug is a widescale error and not a mistake on your part, or a situation unique to you.
If you think this is an issue on your part, please visit the EFFiles forums or a role-play community, 
the members of these fine establishments will be glad to help you sort through your own individual issues.
This mod is large and thus hard to upload and will only be re-uploaded under extreme circumstances.

FINALLY; DO NOT, I repeat myself, DO NOT make ANY comment of ANY sort ANYWHERE at ANY TIME about the legality
of this mod UNLESS you are an author of work I built upon in the mod, or an EFFiles staff member.
If you do not fit one of these criteria and you give me crap about legalese I will ignore you.

=/= LEGALESE (I promise its not that hard to read) =/=

*You MAY; 
1; redistribute the UN-ALTERED zip file, it must remain EXACTLY AS IT WAS WHEN DOWNLOADED FROM EFFILES!

2; use this mod in the making of machinima/videos etc.

3; build mods that cite this mod as a requirement.
DO NOT confuse this with using material from this mod to build a new mod which is PROHIBITED.
What this DOES mean is that you can make a mod that writes over some part of this mod, but is designed to be 
used in tandem with this mod. IE something to change the name on a dedication plaque for an SRP.

*You May NOT; 
1; build some new mod *using* material from this one. See explanation above.
2; redistribute an altered or partial version of this mod.
   Sorry, thats how it is.


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