Saint Tourney 2 - Rust in Peace

Salinga continues with his Quake to EF map conversions, this time bringing us the Saint Tourney 2 - Rust in Peace. The map...


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Salinga continues with his Quake to EF map conversions, this time bringing us the Saint Tourney 2 - Rust in Peace.

The map is a outdoor multilevel structure which consists of alot of angles, corners and ledges making combat that much more difficult and provide the most cover from fire, though the lack of any other map objects such as containers and storage cylinders means cover is limited at best.

The map's appearance is cool. It has a reddish dusty ambience of a post apocalyptic scene, hence the "rust" in the title. The rusty metal textures also fit into the map's overall appearance well, with the rustic metal wall plates and the nuts & bolt fixtures giving an industrial feel to the map. However not sure about the rust coloured stainless steel grates on the floor, kinda defeats the purpose of stainless steel :p though that is not a big issue.

The utility pickups and weapons are spread out nicely through the map but are placed in areas close to the edge of ledges, or in open areas where you can be sniped at easily from above. One such pickup spot even has a hole in the ground which can catch you out if you are concentrating on other things.

Overall its a pretty good map, and enjoyable at that. Definitely worth checking out!


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Elite Force conversion by Lt. Cmdr. Salinga with permission from the author.

Copyright notice of the original map applies also to this conversion.

Gametypes ......: 1v1, FFA, Solomatch
Date of release : 14.02.2009
Installation ...: Copy the pk3 file into the baseef folder of Elite Force.

For more Q3A map conversions visit:

Following is the readme of the original Q3A map:


Basic Information
Title           : Saint Tourney 2 - Rust in Pece
Author          : Clinton "Kaziganthe" Freeman
Release date    : May 14, 2004
Filename        : sainttourney2.pk3
Email Address	:
Webpage 	:

Play Information
Game           	: Quake III Arena FFA/Tourney and/or Quake III: Team Arena (�id software)
Map Name       	: sainttourney2.bsp
Bot play        : Yes
Deathmatch      : Yes (2-3 players)
Standard CTF    : No
One Flag CTF    : No
Overload        : No
Harvester       : No

How To Play     : Place Map Name in your /baseq3/ folder
                  start quake3arena      
                  hit ~
                  type /map "Map Name"
                  type /addbot <botname> <skill> <team>
                  hit ~ (to clear the console)

Mapping Info & Construction
Program         : Gtk Radiant 1.2.11
Other           : notepad/Photoshop 7.0
Base       	: No

Bot File (aas)  : yes
new sounds      : yes
new graphics    : yes
new music:      : no
other           : no

Build Time      : ~ 1 month
Compile Time    : 5 mins
Compile machine : 1.2ghz Celeron, 256mb RAM

Known Bugs      : Bots don&apos;t like the TP

Special Thanks + Other Notes

(in no paticular order) Sokar, ydnar :), ALMighty, Hex, Reptile, Hipshot, Todtsteltzer, ButterB, Whiskey7, RoughRider, Boot Louie, Glossy, Fjoggs (demos=pwn), Seremtan, ribgib, Demolition, poub, TheFury, Evil_Lair for the awesome textures, and speedy for the skybox.

Textures and Models

id, Evil_Lair (, speedy
Distribution / Copyright / Permissions 

� 2004 Clinton &quot;Kaziganthe&quot; Freeman, All rights reserved.
Authors may use this as a base/educational purposes just as long as you email me.

This level is not made by or supported by id Software.
It requires a registered version of QUAKE III ARENA.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of 
id Software, Inc.

Quake III: Team Arena is a registered trademark of 
id Software, Inc.

Distribute this level as you wish.


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