Samus Aran



This is v2.0 of the Samus model, with completely redone skin, and now it looks just about perfect. Ive added some sounds to the model (mainly the taunts) to make it a bit more fun to play with.

Original Creators: Eric Landreneau, Maglot Converted by: Eric2534

Bot Support: Yes CTF Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes



July 25, 2004

Model Name              : Samus Aran, Bounty Hunter

Installation Directory  : BaseEF/efmdl-samus.pk3

Elite Force Version     : Eric Staub aka Eric2534

v2.0 Author		: Maglot

Model Author		: Eric Landreneau

Email Addresses		: [email protected] 

Model description       : If you haven't played Metroid, you haven't lived. (Nintendo owns the copyright and trademark to Metroid, ©Nintendo) 	


* Play Information *

Skins			: 5
Bot support		: Yes 
New sounds		: Yes
CTF support		: Yes

* Construction *

Polycount 		: 788

* Copyright / Permissions *
Star Trek: Voyager is a trademark of Paramount Pictures. This product contains software technology licensed from Id Software, Inc. Id technology (c) 1999, Id Software, Inc. Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, Inc. © 1999 Activision, Inc.

This model can be freely distributed UNALTERED on the net as long as this text file is included, and the pk3 file is unmodified. Which means, you can't pull the readme file out of the zip, or add your own stuff to it and pass it along as your own! If you wish to include it in a compilation, Mod or commercial product, please email me first.

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