San Fransisco Meeting Hall

This map features a meeting hall for RP sessions. As the author stated in his readme this is his first map ever, which I find a bit hard to...


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This map features a meeting hall for RP sessions. As the author stated in his readme this is his first map ever, which I find a bit hard to believe considering how much work and dedication he apparently put in this. The first thing you notice when you spawn on the map is the tram-train which is right now not functional, however the interior already looks pretty detailed and like you would imagine a 24th century tram.

After a walk through the park you have the choice to walk to the still a bit incomplete looking beach or the entrance area of the meeting hall. The map features a small shuttlebay with a pretty nice door design for the cargo bay, a complete meeting area with greatly modelled panorama-windows and some nice viewing areas.

The detail isn't too great yet, however the custom textures and pretty inovative designs of some areas are more than catching that up. Definately a great job that except a few tiny glitches will give you some really fun RP sessions.

- Pille

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Download 'sanfranmeetinghall.rar' (10.65MB)

-- San Fran Meeting Hall Map: Christmas Version [Released for testing]--

(this is my first ever map i have released)

UPDATE August 06: I am releasing this to EF Files to get feedback and let people see whats going to be coming in the next two versions, which will be the finished winter version, and a summer version. Some textures/models might not show up if you dont have the EF Expansion Pack. The newer versions of the map will use custom textures and models in place of these.

December 05:

Ok, this version of my meeting hall map has been christmas-e-fied for the STRP party.
I spent 6 hours on the trot to get this ready in time for the party, and i have to say
it was nowhere near complete. So i spent a few more hours deleting half finished rooms
to make the map feel more complete. I didnt have time to implement falling snow, new door
sounds or anything like that, and about 60 percent of the textures are just placeholders. 
As i said i spent a long time getting this map ready for the party, so i know ALOT of the 
map is incomplete or tacky looking, so please dont tell me about the problems :P. 

- Bugs -

I am fully aware of all the bugs in the map, however, here are a few of the most prominant:

.The fountain in the main reception.
.Some missing brushes.
.When coming in from outside the cliff view area, you have to duck to get up the steps.
- to install - 

You know the deal, shove it in your baseef folder. the map is called HQ, so to load it use

/map hq 

in the console

- legal - 

If you wish to do anything to the map or distribute it, please contact me first.

- Farcry


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