Science Station

Science Station is a fairly large map with a Starfleet theme. There are a number of levels to the map with some large rooms, and, of course,...


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Science Station is a fairly large map with a Starfleet theme. There are a number of levels to the map with some large rooms, and, of course, many hallways connecting the map together.

The map was built quite nicely, a good idea of form/shape. I loved the little details all around the map and I think that's one it's selling points. Some of the repetitiveness of the computer panels did seem to be too evident and a little variation among them would have been nice. I only remember seeing one z-fighting error though another error was more glaring and, in one room, hit the FPS badly. It appears that something went wrong with the camera in the map and it causes some undesired effects in the sky and a sever FPS drop in the 'green room' (screenshot #1).

Aside from that, what I absolutely loved was the cool effect that the station was under attack! The shuttle bay and adjoining rooms almost tell a story of their own just by looking at the remaining damage. Blood splatters everywhere, claw marks and a path of destruction ;) The claw marks aren't just randomly placed either, it actually looks realistic as though a creature walked around the station destroying and killing as it went along. I think the whole 'destroyed' theme came off very well!

Overall, the map is definitely worth checking out! It should be great for FFA's!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes (1 new texture ;)) New Sounds: No Game Types: HM, THM

On a sidenote, I think the readme should have more information, though that's just my little nitpick :D

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Download '' (5.46MB)

---------------====< SCIENCESTATION >====--------------------
Created By: [TDM]Tom Servo[MA]
Wait for finish:  approximatley a week
CTF_OceanTemple (though it says developed by General Chang, that was my former name,
though I use it at the raven forums, it was my first map)

Other maps coming soon, Hopefully ;)

Hello fellow EF players!
Thank you for downloading!
This map was started around Christmas time, but due to FPS problems and a couple of errors
I didn't get it finished in time, thats why I submited a beta version for help on my FPS
troubles, what I did was team the doors, make the area portals fit and fix the leaks.
And I was also producing another map, will be released soon, (USS Iron Fist)

--------====< INSTRUNCTIONS >====-----------

Unzip the Sciencestation.pk3, and place it in your BaseEF folder. :D


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