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After a year and a half, Scooter returns with an EFFiles Exclusive!

Despite discontinuing development - Scooter's Canon Mod Version 0.4...


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After a year and a half, Scooter returns with an EFFiles Exclusive!

Despite discontinuing development - Scooter's Canon Mod Version 0.4 is the newest installment of his genuinely stunning overhaul of Elite Force. As with the previous version; a great many textures have been replaced and improved upon, and of course the Hazard Team no longer adorn the Hazard Suits - instead they have the correct Uniform that suits the era.

This download however contains many more new, high resolution, textures. Scooter notes that this includes the majority of textures used in the maps ctf_voy1 and ctf_voy2. The stock version of Elite Force most definitely has a lot to be desired in terms of how it looks, although, this file most definitely makes an improvement and comes to you highly recommend by us.

See the readme for much more detailed information and installation instructions.


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Scooter's Canon Mod v0.4 - EFFiles Exclusive
It's been over a year since the previous version. I did not intend to do another release until there had been some significant improvements, but I have made many textures since then and I have received many requests from mappers wanting to use my textures in their own maps.

The purpose of this mod is three-fold:
1. eradicate all instances of the Hazard suits
2. update menu graphics to higher resolution
3. update in-game graphics to higher resolution

There are other miscellaneous realism improvements as well, such as better sound effects.

I'm proud to say that this version introduces some of the first changes to the Holomatch side of the game. The maps ctf_voy1 and ctf_voy2 have been given much attention; I would estimate 90% of the textures have been replaced. The layout of the maps has not changed, but it was necessary to modify the .bsp files to change one of the texture paths.

Known Bugs:
 - phaser rifle firing effects emits from wrong place due to lack of proper world model

Installation Instructions:
Delete any previous version of this mod.
Extract everything to your STVEF folder. Do NOT extract to BaseEF!
Run canon.bat to start the game. I've also included a custom icon you can use for making a shortcut.

Uninstallation Instructions:
Delete the files that belong to this mod. If you delete an important part of EF by accident it's your own fault.

Laz Rojas ( - head textures, head models, and bio pics for the Hazard Team members
The Dark Project ( - hand texture for phaser, phaser rifle model and textures, forcefield sounds
TiM ( - upper and lower crewthin and crewfemale models, high-res fonts, hand texture for I-Mod, comm badge texture
Commander Tobias Weimann ( - logos and emblems
Alexraptor - green phaser indicator and firing sounds
Jaren - Borg sound effects, some Federation sound effects
NASA - all of the space imagery
Scooter ( - everything else (some sound files, most of the textures, most of the LCARS menu graphics, putting everything together)

It is my hope that this mod will show people that Elite Force still has a lot of potential left in it. There are some exciting things going on in the community right now on the programming front. Great things have been accomplished, both in the game code as well as the engine code. If you have modding skills in any area of expertise (texturing, modelling, etc.), I hope that you will some day join the folks listed above.

Stay tuned to EFFiles and the RPG-X forums for potential forthcoming announcements of new projects...

Legal Info:

Although some of the work here was done by others, a significant amount of work from me was required to get in a suitable format for the Elite Force engine. As such, you may NOT directly use any part of this mod in your own mod. However, you may obtain the original assets from the same places I did and use them under their terms. I make no claim of ownership over the work of other authors, only a claim over any time and effort spent making their work suitable for use in the Elite Force engine.

Since I am getting many requests from mappers to use textures from this mod, I'm hereby explicitly granting permission to use textures from this mod in your maps provided you give credit in your readme file, not only to me but also to this mod, so that people know where the textures come from.

Example: "Some textures borrowed from Scooter's Canon Mod, with permission."

When using my textures, you must change the path so that they show up specifically in your map and not in other people's maps or in stock EF. Leaving the paths as they are will override the stock EF textures, which is over-stepping your boundaries as a mapper.

For those who are not sure how this whole permission stuff works, because I grant permission in this file, you don't need to e-mail me asking for permission. It has already been granted and I will just laugh at you.

This mod is released exclusively through EFFiles, a member of the FileFront Network, a division of Ziff Davis Media, Inc. You may NOT redistribute this file on your own web site, via BitTorrent, or any other P2P method.

This mod is considered stable and suitable for public release; anything bad that happens to your computer is purely coincidental and not my responsibility.

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