Scooter's Canon Mod v0.3

This is the long awaited and yet so far never released sequel to Scooter's "Hazsucks" mod.

As in the previous modifications, the Hazard T...


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This is the long awaited and yet so far never released sequel to Scooter's "Hazsucks" mod.

As in the previous modifications, the Hazard Team now wear Voyager uniforms as opposed to Hazard Suits. This version has many welcome changes however, the first being that the Phaser, Phaser Rifle and I-Mod no longer have a gloved hand, and the Munro model now wearing a Voyager uniform too, for when you come across those pesky mirrors. The hazard suit animations have also been imported into the voyager uniform models, so no more Chel standing with his legs stuck in a bench.

This version goes beyond the uniforms however, and now includes much improved menu graphics, replacement sounds and new textures throughout the game. The sounds are much more cannon and have a much more "Trek" feel, while textures are not only more "canon" but also have a much higher resolution that really does improve the quality of the game ten fold.

Unfortunately Scooter notified me that he might not be able to complete the developement of this, however although there is still work to be done according to the readme this is definately a must-try for everyone! :)

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Scooter's Canon Mod v0.3 - EFFiles Exclusive
Originally this started out as a personal mission to eradicate the Hazard suits from the game, but I developed an interest in improving my image editing skills and the whole thing sort of snowballed. Everything has been sitting around on my computer for quite a while now, but considering the state of the EF community I decided it's time to stop sitting on this and release what's been done thus far.

Whether there will be another version sometime in the future remains to be seen. I have reached my limit as far as graphics skill goes, though it is possible I will learn more in the future. It's also possible that some things will find their way into a future project...

What's been done:
 - All Hazard team members wear Voyager uniforms
 - Tuvok and Seven keep their regular clothes on away missions
 - Hazard team biographies headshots show voyager uniforms
 - Janeway no longer refers to Munro wearing a hazard suit
 - Munro model in the Configure menu now wears a Voyager uniform
 - Munro model in game now wears a Voyager uniform
 - Phaser, phaser rifle, and I-Mod no longer have gloved hand
 - Hazard suit animations imported into Voyager uniform models
 - Most menu graphics have been replaced with higher resolution graphics
   - Map of the galaxy now includes the "bar" that was confirmed by the Spitzer Space Telescope in 2005.
 - Menu sounds and various sounds throughout the game have been changed to be more canon
 - Various textures throughout the game have been changed to be higher resolution and/or more canon

What still needs to be done:
 - Many weapons still need to have the glove removed from the hand
 - Borgified models need to have hazard suit removed
 - Need an EVA suit model so that Hazard team doesn't fly around space with their normal uniforms
 - LOTS more textures could be redone

Known Bugs:
 - phaser rifle firing effects emits from wrong place due to lack of proper world model

Installation Instructions:
Extract everything to your STVEF folder. Do NOT extract to BaseEF!
Run canon.bat to start the game. I've also included a custom icon you can use for making a shortcut.

Uninstallation Instructions:
Delete the files that belong to this mod. If you delete an important part of EF by accident it's your own fault.

Laz Rojas ( - head textures, head models, and bio pics for the Hazard Team members
The Dark Project ( - hand texture for phaser, phaser rifle model and textures, forcefield sounds
TiM ( - upper and lower crewthin and crewfemale models, high-res fonts, hand texture for I-Mod, comm badge texture
Commander Tobias Weimann ( - logos and emblems
Alexraptor - green phaser indicator and firing sounds
Jaren - Borg sound effects, some Federation sound effects
NASA - all of the space imagery
Scooter ( - everything else (some sound files, most of the textures, most of the LCARS menu graphics, putting everything together)

Want to contribute to a future version of this mod? E-mail me.

I should mention that changing Tom Paris' rank to Lieutenant was inspired by Horckdude's Paris rank patch mod, but I did not use any of his files.

Legal Info:

Although some of the work here was done by others, a certain amount of work from me was required to get in a suitable format for the Elite Force engine. As such, you may not directly use any part of this mod in your own mod. However, you may obtain the original assets from the same places I did and use them under their terms. I make no claim of ownership over the work of other authors, only a claim over any time and effort spent making their work suitable for use in the Elite Force engine.

This mod is released exclusively through EFFiles, a member of the FileFront Network, a division of Ziff Davis Media, Inc. You may NOT redistribute this file on your own web site, via BitTorrent, or any other P2P method.

This mod is considered stable and suitable for public release; anything bad that happens to your computer is purely coincidental and not my responsibility.

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