Salinga returns with yet another intriguing conversion, this time in the form of two versions of the same map. Seasons1 consis...


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Salinga returns with yet another intriguing conversion, this time in the form of two versions of the same map. Seasons1 consists of a summer style variation and a winter variation, although I felt it was closer to night and day.

Both maps were, although the same setting, very different from each other. Not only in terms of colors but the overall atmosphere changed as well. The summer map consisted of brighter lighting and colors, where as Winter was significantly darker and also had a slightly ritualistic feel to it.

Overall these two maps were rather enjoyable and have the potential for a good few hours of gameplay.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


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Download '' (14.98MB)

Elite Force conversion by Lt. Cmdr. Salinga with permission from the author.

Gametypes ......: FFA, 1v1, Solomatch
Date of release : 09.08.2007
Installation ...: Copy the pk3 file into the baseef folder of Elite Force.

For more Q3A map conversions visit:

Following is the readme of the original Q3A map:


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Winternacht & Sommergewitter by Wakey

FFA maps for Quake 3 Arena, War§ow, World of Padman and OpenArena

     [] About []

Title: Winternacht & Sommergewitter

File: seasons1.pk3
BSPs: winter.bsp, summer.bsp

Author: Wakey (Robin Pengelstorfer)
Email address:

Tools used: GTKRadiant v1.2.10 & 1.4, Q3map2 2.5.16, Q3map2Toolz, Milkshape 3D v1.7.1, Picture Publisher 8

Description: Winternacht & Sommergewitter are little FFA styled maps for 2-5 players. 
They are my first ever released maps, and are no attempt to create seriously competion or tourney maps,
but to create some of the most beautiful and atmospheric maps for Quake 3 using all the goodness of Q3map2.

     [] System requirements []

Because of the lots of details and eycandy seen in the maps the r_speeds are extremely rough, 
although the maps are already optimised for speed.
You can gain speed with lowering the texture detail and setting r_subdivisions to 8 or 16.
A graphics card with 64mb of ram should be at least the minimum to play it.

     [] How to play []

For Quake 3:    Copy the .pk3 file into your baseq3 directory
For Open Arena: Copy the .pk3 file into your baseoa directory
For War§ow:     Copy the .pk3 file into your basewsw directory
For WoP:        Copy the .pk3 file into your wop directory
and you are ready to rock!

Type "\map winter" or "\map summer" into the console or choose the map through the skirmish menu.

     [] Stuff []

New textures: many textures are made by myself, and many taken from BerneyBoy's PhotoRealistic Texture Pack:

also some Terrain textures by Sock, taken from his terrain tutorial.

To see wich texture are made from who take a look into the seasons_files.txt.

     [] Thanks to.... []

all the people from
the people from

Berneyboy (for his great texturepack)
Ydnar     (for q3map2 of course)
Sock   (for his great terrain tutorial and Pyramid of the Magician)
Cardigan  (for Estatica, maybe the best q3 map out there)

and Id Software for Q3 of course ;D

     [] Copyright / Permissions []

You may not include or distribute this map in any sort
of commercial product without my permission.  You are
allowed to share, host and distribute this level via
internet. Any forms of modifications without my
permission are prohibited.
If want to use any of my textures (take a look at seasons_files.txt) in one of your maps, 
you may do this, as long correct credits are given 
(it would be also nice if you would inform me via email ;) ).

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