SF Weapons 1.0 Mod

sfweapons11.0.zip —


This is a simple mod that simply changes the compression rifle with the phaser. Download if your bothered by the way they fire too. ;)



__________________Star Fleet Weapons V.1.0_______________

Name Of Mod: Star Fleet Weapons Version one point zero
Modification start date (Europe Date):  15/03/04
Modification Start date (American Date):03/15/04
Modification Ended date (Europe Date):  15/03/04
Modification Ended date (American Date):03/15/04
Author Of Mod: Christopher Edmund
Email Address: [email protected]
Problems with Mod: Only one mare insignificant weapons graphic problem (Will be resolved in due course)
Mod compatible with Game: Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

Description & reason for making the mod: I was fed up with the phasers and compression rifles not firing “correctly” in Elite-Force so I have changed the weapons around to make them “fire” correctly I hope you like this mod if any problems arise on the fly please email me at the address above

Thanks For Reading this read me 

Thank You, 
Christopher Edmund

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